CampoBet becomes sponsor of Leoas da Serra, women's futsal team

The Leoas da Serra team is the most successful women’s futsal project in the country. The team from Lages, in Santa Catarina, accumulates important achievements such as four titles in the Santa Catarina Championship, three in the Open Games and two in the Brazil Cup and the Supercup. The athletes from Lages took the name of national futsal to the Americas and the planet, by winning the Libertadores and the Club World Cup.

With so many exploits, the team managed to attract great partners. With the intention of increasing national visibility, the online bookmaker CampoBet joined Leoas da Serra to form a successful duo and break even more the boundaries of the sport.

Mauricio Neves de Jesus, creator of the project and sports director of Leoas da Serra, commented on the partnership and how the support of CampoBet will help in the expansion of the club. “It’s an acknowledgment that women’s futsal has a lot of value. It is a testament to our visibility and renews our strength to continue writing our history”.

Valorization of futsal and Lionesses in the Brazilian scenario

Mauricio detailed how the Leoas da Serra emerged, which quickly became a reference. “Leas da Serra were created in 2015 to practice high-performance futsal and for women’s futsal social schools. Perhaps our trajectory is unprecedented, because in the first year we won the municipal title, in the second a state title, in the third a national title, in the fourth year we won the Libertadores and the following year the World Cup. Something much higher than expected, but that was fundamental for the project to continue and conquer more spaces for them and for the club”, said the director.

The director also highlighted an important opening for the men’s world of football: the transmission of the Leoas and women’s futsal games on TV throughout the country. “In addition to the achievements, we helped the sport to have its games shown on national television, which increased visibility and sponsorship possibilities”, he added.

“I come from men’s football, the Leoas are my first experience in women’s football. I basically did the usual work, so the credit for having gone this far is all theirs. It was much more difficult to structure the women’s project because there is still a lot of prejudice”, he stressed.

Leoas da Serra

The project has professional and grassroots teams. In the high performance team, athletes train twice a day, alternating conditioning with ball training. Most of the players are university students, with a scholarship provided by Uniplac. “Those who are not university graduates have already graduated, which is a separate victory for the association, as training lasts forever”, concluded Mauricio Neves de Jesus.

About CampoBet

Founded in 2018, CampoBet is a bookmaker that arrived in the national market recently and is one of the brands with the best performance in the Soft2Bet group, on the European continent. The company is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

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