Exclusive Bruno Baima from SGA Bet talks about Bis and markets

SGA System, a sports betting platform, was present for the second consecutive year at the Brazilian iGaming Summit, in the last days of last June, with a stand, together with its Marketing Director, Bruno Baima, presenting a unique Sportsbook and iGaming product.

More than the two days of pure networking, knowledge exchange, lectures and lots of business, BiS witnessed awards and recognitions to the industry. One of them, the certification of the SGA by the GLI.

During BiS, iGaming Brazil spoke exclusively with Bruno, who revealed plans for 2023 and beyond.

Check the interview in full:

iGaming Brazil – Bruno, what impressions and conclusions do you take from BiS 2022, recently held in São Paulo? What was it like for SGA to be present at such a high level event? Do you think Brazil needs more events like this?

Bruno Baima – The event exceeded our expectations, both for the public and for the content of the lectures given. We believe that BIS has provided us with closing deals and excellent networking, which go beyond Brazil.

We had the opportunity to reaffirm our presence in the Brazilian market and establish SGA as a platform prepared and certified to live the new regulatory framework.

And yes, Brazil needs more events of this size, since it is possible to see the evolution and exponential growth of this segment.

iGaming Brazil – What product(s) did you present during the fair?

Bruno Baima – We present our Sportsbook and iGaming platform, a product that proposes a unique and tailored solution for Brazilian operators. We offer a whitelabel structure for clients who intend to act in the market.

Our resources are thought, planned to optimize and facilitate the actions of users, providing them with the best experience. We received a Certificate from the world’s leading betting technology certification authority, the GLI®.

iGaming Brazil – What is your expectation for the Brazilian market now with the discussion and possible regulation of sports betting in the country?

Bruno Baima – We believe that the regulated market will bring countless benefits, after all, everyone wants to act in the best way and provide entertainment to the public.

The regulation will be a decisive and important step for companies in this segment, which see beyond the exponential growth of the business, the positive economic movement of the country. From a political point of view, we have a favorable environment for the decree to be implemented after the elections.

iGaming Brazil – Does SGA intend to invest more in the market now or will it wait for the definition of the betting situation here? What are the short-term projects, 2023 to 2025?

Bruno Baima – The SGA platform is something that we will continually invest in, as we believe in the industry’s potential and the benefits it provides. It is something that cannot be scaled, but which we are proud to work on. We have a powerful tool in our hands and we want to make it available to the world.

Our perspective on the future is very important, as the challenges are enormous, especially in the face of competition. We intend to include new technology providers in games and close great partnerships, in addition to those we are currently working on.

iGaming Brazil – How long have you been in this position and what are your projections within the company?

Bruno Baima – I worked as Financial Director for two years, but in these last two years I started to dedicate myself totally to Marketing.

With the segment’s high growth, we realized the need to upgrade the business in order to make it more attractive. We are working hard on a differentiated and tropicalized product for our market, where we have reached a high degree of maturity, which allows us to take the platform to the international market.

The presence of the SGA SYSTEM platform will be increasing at fairs and events in the gaming industry, whether in Brazil or in other countries, as this well-designed and architected solution needs to be shared and recognized by bettors.

iGaming Brazil – How does SGA differ from other providers of solutions for gaming and betting and sports in terms of technology and marketing?

Bruno Baima – Our technology is certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®), a leading global testing and certification company for the global gaming industry.

The platform has reached a higher level following the technical standards, security and compliance of responsible gaming in the industry. Among the main highlights, the platform sought to offer its customers a competitive edge against its competitors, significant improvements in business rules for a regulated market and security for bettors.

With GLI certification, the platform achieves international recognition, allowing it to expand its operations, operate in other markets and export technology to other countries that are already regulated.