Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG Management, said, “We are excited to further our presence in the African gaming market. After opening an office in Kampala, Uganda, we are focused on adding more clients and facilitating more business in Africa.”

“Odds AI’s best product offers odds and betting services that integrate seamlessly into any in-play betting platform. Worldstar is a leading player in the African sports betting market, and we expect this integration to be a great success.” the CEO of SCCG.

Odds AI partner SCCG Management, the influential and globally recognized sports betting and iGaming advisory group, made this deal, believing that Odds AI’s solutions and existing product offerings are poised for substantial traction in Africa. , Latin America and Europe.

Odds AI, betting services provider, has entered into a multi-year agreement with Worldstar Betting, the African private sports betting brand with operations across Africa. Odds AI will integrate its unique odds feed into sportsbook Worldstar Betting to drive engagement and improve the experience of Worldstar football betting customers.

Worldstar Betting is looking to build on its already strong position in the African sports betting scene, adding to its current count of 50,000 daily active customers.

With another European football season anticipated and a 2022 World Cup coming up, Worldstar Betting sees Odds AI as the ideal solution to capitalize on what is shaping up as a great second half of 2022.

By integrating Odds AI microfeeds, including three entirely new football betting categories, Worldstar is also playing with current betting trends and allaying rising market expectations for more exciting betting options on any given event.

Richard Nash, CEO of Worldstar Betting, commented on the deal “I am very excited that Worldstar will be teaming up with Odds AI to provide our customers with betting options that I believe will revolutionize the industry. Rarely, in my more than forty years in the industry, I saw such a radical product”.

Jack Atkinson, CEO of Odds AI, stated: “We are very happy to partner with Worldstar Betting. What we really like is that, despite being a strong player in the market already, they are bold, understand the future of sports betting and want to to be at the forefront of where sports betting is going”.

“This is a really important milestone in our mission to reach a global network of customers and ensure that our game-changing products and services become entrenched in the world of betting,” added Atkinson.