David Highhill Becomes First NFL Executive Dedicated to Sports Betting

The NFL (National Football League) has announced a new role meant to oversee its sports betting business. David Highhill has been selected for the new post of Vice President and General Manager of Sports Betting, in a move designed to strengthen the NFL’s position in the growing US industry.

Highhill has worked with the NFL for over 10 years and was serving as vice president of strategy and analysis in the corporate strategy group. “It’s a growing market, it’s grown a lot in the last three or four seasons. What’s to come is the exciting part of the opportunity,” he told ESPN.

Sports betting ads were first shown during NFL games this season, with the league securing partnerships with US sports betting companies and selling official data to bookmakers.

Highhill clarified that the NFL is committed to promoting responsible gaming, while also acknowledging that the league’s new stance on betting may not please all fans. “We know that there is a profile of more interested fans and a profile of less interested fans”, he pondered.

“So serving the fans where they are is very important and that goes along with supporting our relationship with the National Gaming Council and ensuring that we take a leadership position on the issue of preventing gaming issues.”

888sports has become the official betting partner of the NFL in the UK

It is worth remembering that the NFL signed an endorsement deal with 888sport in May of this year. The company has since become the official sports betting partner of the American Football League in the UK and Ireland.

The agreement, valid until 2025, has expanded the relationship between the parties and will serve to promote the famous “NFL London Games”, which will take place at Wembley Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium later this year.