IBIA launches campaign to help athletes fight corruption in sport

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has launched a new campaign aimed at athletes to raise awareness of fighting corruption in sport.

In a video for the campaign, the association discussed those themes – Rules, Accountability, Reporting (Whistleblower) – that every athlete should know to protect themselves and their sport from match-fixing related to betting.

The first principle, Rules, involves ensuring that athletes know the rules about betting and their sport. Not placing bets on your own sport and not asking anyone else to place bets on your behalf are two of the key issues in this regard.

Not sharing or revealing confidential information about the team is another important factor, and that includes social media.

The second aspect, Accountability, focuses on athletes taking responsibility – to themselves, their team and others – to perform at their best. They are encouraged never to intentionally underperform, influence the outcome of a game or alter any part of it.

The third issue, Report, involves contacting and reporting attempted corruption. IBIA encourages athletes to speak to someone they trust if asked to manipulate a match, such as a players union, player representative or sports federation.

“After more than 10 years of experience, regulated sports betting operators continue to engage in player education to raise awareness of the risks of betting-related corruption,” the video concluded.

IBIA added that its Education Ambassador Jean-François Reymond supported the creation of the video to educate athletes on the actions to be taken to protect the integrity of sport.

It was announced in April 2022, with the association noting that the appointment highlighted its continued commitment to raising the standard of betting education in all sports globally, in particular in the rapidly growing North and South American markets.

About IBIA

Founded in 2005, initially as Sports Betting Integrity (ESSA), the association is the “leading global voice in integrity for the licensed betting industry”. IBIA members share a common goal of fighting corruption in betting to protect the integrity of the sport and its business.