Santos denounces an attempt to manipulate the results in a game of the Women's Brasileirão
Photo: Fábio Maradei/Santos FC

Santos president Andres Rueda gave a press conference this Monday, 20th, denouncing an attempt to manipulate results involving a Peixe employee, in the Brazilian Women’s game, against Red Bull Bragantino. The manager stated that the club is a victim in the case and that he repudiates situations of this nature in Brazilian football.

“We had a demonstrably unfortunate event this weekend, which is perhaps the tip of the iceberg of what is happening in our football. An employee of our Club, from women’s football, using an intermediary from Bragantino, tried to bribe a player to arrange an elastic result in the first half of the game for betting purposes”, revealed Rueda.

In a statement, the club stressed that before the match on Sunday, 19, for the 13th round of the Brazilian Women’s Championship, an athlete from Bragantino would have been contacted to force an elastic score in favor of Peixe. The player rejected the offer and managers of the opposing team sought the president of Santos, who took the necessary measures.

According to an official note, Rueda reported the case to the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), registered a police report (BO) and terminated the member of Peixe’s women’s football department who participated in the case for just cause.

“The player promptly refused the proposal, informed her superiors. I have a very strong relationship with Tiago, they got in touch with me, including material evidence, prints of conversations. As soon as this came to our attention, together with the president of Bragantino, we took some measures. Dismissal for just cause of all involved, we immediately official the CBF putting the evidence and prints “, said the president of Santos FC.

“We are preparing all the material to forward to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and we will not be happy until we find out, not only who was where this came from, but also where this rottenness comes from”, he concluded.

Bragantino published a statement about the attempt to manipulate results

“Red Bull Bragantino goes public to, unfortunately, confirm the allegations of harassment to one of our players before the match against Santos, for the Women’s Brasileirão. The athlete on our team was contacted, through messages, with a proposal for a bribe to combine a certain result.

The player promptly refused and informed her superiors, who made sure to keep the game smooth and forwarded the complaint to our board. As soon as we became aware, we took all internal measures, contacted Santos to present evidence of what happened, and both clubs delivered the material to the competent authorities.

We regret that this type of harassment happens in our football and we will work to curb any attitude that tarnishes the integrity of the sport.

Regulation of the sports betting market would help curb irregularities

It should be noted that the Federal Government is still working on the process of regularizing the sports betting industry, but specific legislation would significantly help to curb irregularities and preserve sports integrity. After all, it would establish even more severe punishments, clear rules and prevention and inspection mechanisms.