Stats Perform has partnered with Sporting Solutions to build and launch a new “Betting Innovation Hub”.

Together they designed a center that combines modeling, commerce, data science and sports data expertise to develop new B2B products.

By launching this new Innovation Hub, Stats Perform and Sporting Solutions aim to “unlock the true potential of popular betting experiences”. For example, a product being developed is supposed to “transform” the player’s current proposition and football betting experiences.

This new hub, according to Stats Perform, will link live player statistics and pricing with contextual betting content and associated markets. Its commercial launch is expected before the start of the World Cup in November, the supplier added.

A great development partnership for Stats Perform and Sporting Solutions

Shane Gannon, Senior Vice President of Partnerships at Stats Perform, said: “The Betting Innovation Center’s ingredients are truly world class. Sporting Solutions is known for its fair pricing and business model, plus access to the Sporting Index for adjust product performance”.

“Stats Perform brings the trust and quality of Opta and RunningBall data seen by football fans and operators around the world, a legacy of building excellent front-end experiences to inform and engage punters and the greatest science team. industry data,” added Gannon.

Sporting Solutions CEO Andy Wright expressed a similar sentiment: “We share a joint belief with Stats Perform that betting has enormous untapped potential.”

“The industry also needs innovative and engaging products that are easy and fun for bettors to use and don’t involve long development times for operators. That’s the future we’re opening up with our Betting Innovation Center,” added Wright.