Exclusive- Gabriele De Lorenzi of WorldMatch talks about ICE, current market and new products

Worldmartch has just released a new game called Infuencer. A slot where each spin of the reel offers the possibility for the player to be a winner and for the prize to be multiplied by 2, 4 or 8. This multiplier is activated with the bar with the Heart Eyes emoji at the end of the spin. Three bonus symbols in the main game activate one of the following bonuses: Bonus Game, Bonus Win and Free Spin.

This is just one of the new products that the leading casino game provider since 2000 has launched this year, featuring an innovative catalog of over 200 games, 160 slot machines with 70 game engines, 30 table games and all types of video poker for desktop and mobile devices.

In 2022, WorldMatch innovated in products and in its ICE booth and promises new features for this period.

Its Director and Product Manager for Europe, the Italian Gabriele De Lorenzi, is responsible for the entire game development process, from concepts to launch. In addition, he oversees the team to ensure that business goals are met. On this occasion, we spoke with him.

Check out iGaming Brazil’s exclusive interview with Gabriele De Lorenzi

iGaming Brazil  – How was ICE London? What assessment can you make of the fair and the networking held there?

Gabriele De Lorenzi – For many reasons it was a different ICE with less exhibitors, but nevertheless ICE is always the greatest event in the gambling industry, a must and a place to be! The quality of the attendees was high, therefore I can say we had many very good meetings and the next days follow-ups seem to be very promising.

iGaming Brazil  – What was it like to return to face-to-face events after two years in virtuality? What advantages does this type of event bring?

Gabriele De Lorenzi – I think the face-to-face meetings was the best part of the event, having the chance to meet with friends and partners after so much time was really great. This type of event represent an important opportunity for networking, connect with new potential partners, understand the trend of the market, it’s a good opportunity for personal, professional and commercial growth.

iGaming Brazil  – What was the evolution of the iGaming sector due to the pandemic?

Gabriele De Lorenzi – More or less everyone had to adapt very quickly to the sudden change, but the RNG casino games on line sector, at least in our targeting markets, has experienced an important growth during the past pandemic years which is lasting even now that the main restrictions are over. The pandemic has lead to a change of habits for many players making easier and more attractive the online experience compare to the retail one.

iGaming Brazil – We know that Worldmatch is working on a new game, can you talk about it?

Gabriele De Lorenzi – We are actually working on some new concepts and we are planning to release a new game in the next months and of course we will do a press release when the time will come!

iGaming Brazil – What response did operators have about the latest product launches, such as Wicked Reels and Pussycats’ Valley?

Gabriele De Lorenzi – We are very proud of our team, front-end, back-end and creatives, we keep on increasing the quality of our games and the feedback from the operators we work with just confirm this. The above games are performing very well, Pussycats’ Valley has got one of the best startup performance of all our games so far!

iGaming Brazil – Last year the company won the “Mobile Provider of the Year” award. What did this mean for the company and what do you think was the biggest achievement of the year 2021?

Gabriele De Lorenzi – That was an important acknowledgment of the work done by the whole group over the last few years, something we are very proud of and something that push us to do even better. Our catalogue of slot machine games, particularly some branded titles has been a plus in some relevant markets, making the difference with many competitors.

iGaming Brazil  – Do you believe that this year the Games industry will recover from the pandemic crisis?

Gabriele De Lorenzi – The indicators we have concerning this first part of the year says that the on line sector will keep on increase, whilest retail will slow down, from our side we can confirm this trend