Sports betting has been on the rise for a long time, where around the world – even in Brazil – we see an immense demand for this type of entertainment, which is present in practically all sports competitions, especially in football.

With this high demand, some problems can arise, such as gambling addiction. This is a serious issue, but one that gets a lot of attention from the entire iGaming industry.

Several companies that are a reference in the betting world already invest in programs and campaigns aimed at raising awareness and encouraging responsible gambling, seeking to avoid major problems for their customers and for all betting fans.

It was recently published in the Coluna de Guilherme Amado, from the Metrópoles portal, that the marketing of sports betting will have to follow some rules to raise awareness about the addiction to gambling.

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The sports betting companies will have to adapt their marketing after the federal government enacts the regulation of the activity in Brazil.

The Ministry of Economy will oblige companies to present, in advertising material, warnings about the harm of irresponsible gambling, such as the risk of addiction. Notices must appear on physical tickets and on sites where bets are placed.

Campaigns that suggest gambling as a solution to financial concerns or that present gambling as an alternative to personal, professional or educational problems will not be allowed.

Among other prohibitions, the companies’ marketing will not be able to suggest that the punter can master the game through the development of personal skills. Advertising that relates the game to personal and financial success will also be vetoed.

The rules must come into force with the decree that regulates sports betting. The document is ready for Bolsonaro to sign.