Two months to go until BiS – the biggest betting event in Latin America

The BiS (Brazilian iGaming Summit), which will take place in São Paulo in just two months, is already taking shape, and many of the main companies in the sector have confirmed their presence at the event, reserving their stands.

What better place than the largest business hub in Latin America to meet industry partners and network? After all, São Paulo is the meeting point on the 28th and 29th of June.

The second edition of BiS has a novelty, a third day, where LATAM Affiliates will take place: the first exclusive event in the iGaming market, covering sports betting, casino games and lotteries.

“The success of the first edition of the Brazilian iGaming Summit allowed us to organize the new event for June 2022 and we are already planning traveling events for Afiliados Latam in other countries”, said Alessandro Valente, President of BiS.

“This time with the collaboration of the two largest affiliation companies in Latin America in the iGaming segment”, he added.

Afiliados Latam is an initiative of Jericho Events, organizer of BiS, and will feature the presence of relevant companies in the sector, expert speakers in affiliate marketing and digital media in general, as well as hundreds of affiliates to form a perfect networking environment.

“This edition of the Brazilian iGaming Summit will be very special, as we will have an exclusive day to discuss affiliation and marketing in general, during Afiliados Latam. It will also be an opportunity for us to address issues related to cryptocurrencies and their derivatives”, said Valente.

Awards for companies in the sector

As in the first edition, this year there will also be the Brazilian iGaming Awards. A highly anticipated event, as BiS awards and recognizes the best professionals of the year, each one distinguished in its category, through online voting.

This meeting seeks to enhance the experience of the national and international players present, with a space conducive to intense networking, which is already common practice. The specific award for the iGaming market takes place on the night of June 28, at Espaço Boulevard JK.

Schedule 2022

This year, a series of panels and lectures with guests of the highest level and world prestige mark the program that was designed to improve and enhance the participants’ experience.

BiS 2022 promotes the relationship of renowned brands from around the world with new players on the rise in the national scenario and facilitates the exchange of ideas between representatives of the sector with important personalities of the Federal Government.

All activities linked to BiS take place at Espaço Boulevard JK, International Plaza Building, in São Paulo. Coming soon, full schedule.

About the Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS)

The second edition of BiS should once again bring together the main representatives of the sports betting, lottery and affiliate segments. The event has already established itself as an international reference for receiving politicians, regulators, operators, authorities, ambassadors and representatives of world players.

With Brazil becoming an exponent in the sports betting and gaming industry, numerous companies from the three sectors are following all the developments of the regulatory process.

Therefore, the aim of BiS 2022 will be to offer relevant, up-to-date content that will help design the future of the national market. The event is scheduled for June 28th and 29th, and on the 30th the LATAM Affiliates, all at Espaço Boulevard JK, in São Paulo.