Control+F5 celebrates award and closed deals during BiS 2021

The first edition of the Brazilian iGaming Summit 2021 left a very positive balance for Control+F5. In addition to participating as a strategic partner, exhibitor and panelist, executive Natalia Nogues received the “Distinguished Professional” award at the BiS Awards, an award that closed the first day of the betting event.

It is important to point out that Control+F5 is a service hub aimed at companies in the gaming segment that aim to successfully and safely enter the national scenario.

“It is an honor to have won the “Outstanding Professional” award at the BiS Summit 2021. The event was wonderful, bringing excellent opportunities for our company. At BiS, we met many operators and service providers interested in entering the Brazilian market. Control+F5 will certainly help these companies to find their space here in Brazil and attract more customers”, said Natalia.

Brazilian iGaming Summit 2021

BiS 2021 exceeded all expectations. The positive results of the conference were recognized by everyone who attended the two days of programming at Espaço JK, in São Paulo. The Control+F5 stand received a huge amount of visits and the number of contacts made since the event has been very satisfactory.

Control+F5 also participated as a panelist, discussing the topic “Differentials of Successful Operators in Brazil”, together with Cássio F. Filter, Country Manager of KTO, Luiz Fiorese, CEO of TacTic Sports”, having as mediator Angelo Alberoni – Country Manager Brazil at Bettris.

In the debate, Natália declared that the client of a gambling platform in the national territory needs to have their expectations met, such as tropicalization, and proximity to the sites with which they relate.

“When a player contacts the sportsbook, he wants to speak in Portuguese, with Brazilians. In addition, the site cannot have only texts with automatic translation. The client wants to identify with the page”.

Alessandro Valente, main organizer of the event, declared that the convention took place at the exact moment, on the eve of the presentation of the final report on the Regulatory Framework for Gambling of the Chamber of Deputies.

Valente highlighted that the success of the Brazilian iGaming Summit, with the record attendance of subscribers, sponsors and exhibitors, showed the interest that Brazil arouses in the world industry.

In addition, BiS 2021 also had a large participation of the public coming from abroad and professionals new to the sector, who want to get closer to the market and increase their business network. The second edition of the meeting is scheduled for June 2022.

About Control+F5

Control+F5 offers an innovative 360° solution to serve operators in the gaming sector interested in entering the promising Brazilian market. The company plans and develops the entire operation for national and international companies to operate in the country.

The group provides solutions in the areas of 360º Marketing, Customer Service, KYC Compliance, Software Development, Market Consulting, Human Resources, Legal Advice, Administration and Accounting.

Control+F5 also has a team of professionals with extensive experience in the gaming industry. Through expertise in the local market, combined with specialization in online betting operations, the company helps its partners to achieve income, adequacy, integration and success within the Brazilian market.