Bookmakers report losses after player leaves NBA game with seven seconds
Draymond Green. Foto: Getty Images

Last Sunday, the 9th, the Golden State Warriors game marked the return of Klay Thompson after two years off. However, the clash also generated huge controversy in bookmakers. The reason was the early departure of Draymond Green with only seven seconds left, which caused immense damage to the sites and delayed payments.

Despite suffering a calf injury during the warm-up, Green insisted on entering the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers as a way of honoring Thompson’s return, who hadn’t played since the 2019 NBA Finals. the player would start the duel, however, would be replaced then, was confirmed shortly before the start of the game, on the Warriors’ profile on social networks.

So, Green came in and, at seven seconds, he made a foul and was substituted. However, the movement in the bookmakers intensified even before the ball went up for the match. With the information announced just before the game, punters rushed to bet before the platforms withdrew their payout offers regarding Green.

DraftKings was one of the most affected bookmakers

FanDuel was one of the bookmakers that managed to get these details out of their offers. However, other operators failed to do the same. DraftKings posted the biggest loss. Also on Monday, the company released an official note noting that betting on the player was “under review and betting deals are currently on hold pending an investigation”.

On Tuesday the 11th, after much controversy on social media, DraftKings reported that winning bets on Green were being considered and that higher bets would also be refunded. According to local media, the loss has surpassed the $1 million mark, not only for the bookmaker, but also for other bookmakers.