Oregon sports betting revenue exceeds $30 million in 2021

The Oregon Lottery reported gaming revenues of $30.4 million for the full year of 2021, representing a 51.2% increase over the year 2020.

Through the Scoreboard app operated by DraftKings, 9.8 million bets were placed over the last year – up from 7.1 million in 2020. This led to revenue of $331.6 million, an increase of 52 % compared to the previous year.

Importantly, basketball continued to be the most popular sport among bettors in the US in 2021. A total of 3.6 million basketball bets were placed during the year, generating US$138.6 million in revenue and $12.7 million in revenue – up 96.3% and 176.1%, respectively.

American football was the second most popular, attracting 2.2 million bets. American football revenue totaled $62.4 million, while revenue reached $6.8 million.

There were also more than one million bets placed on baseball and football during 2020, with both reaching 1.1 million. Baseball achieved higher revenues — $40.2 million compared to $32 million — while the football association’s $3 million revenue was higher than baseball’s $2.5 million.

Local Sports Betting Market Figures as of December 2021

During December last year, game revenue reached $2.6 million – down from the $4.4 million achieved in November. Turnover increased 3.1% month-on-month to $33.7 million, while the number of bets placed dropped 8% to 923,793.

However, basketball revenue rose 30% month-on-month to $1.3 million. The majority of bets were placed on American football in December, totaling 380,492.