Betway continues to make significant progress in expanding its presence and business relationships in Europe’s top football leagues, recently renewing its sponsorship agreement with Belgium’s Croky Cup, the country’s most famous knockout competition, and becoming the official partner of sports betting from Atletico Madrid, 11 times La Liga champion in Spain.

Furthermore, Betway executed an exclusive deal to become the premium sports betting partner of VfB Stuttgart, one of the most successful clubs in Germany. A digital advertising deal in Italy’s Serie A rounds out a presence in the continent’s four biggest leagues.

These agreements, together with Betway’s numerous existing agreements with Europe’s top football clubs, including West Ham United, Leicester City and Eintracht Frankfurt, expose the Betway brand to millions of fans around the world through on-site advertisements, jerseys and highly visible digital ads.

The visibility of the Betway brand in Europe

Today, Betway is the most visible betting brand in the Premier League in England due to its varying levels of partnerships with 13 clubs, ensuring that 67% of seasonal league games bear some form of Betway brand.

Betway is also highly visible in Spain’s La Liga with the brand present in 83 matches per season, including all away games for the leading trio of clubs Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid.

In Germany, Betway is also fond of partnership agreements with Hertha Berlin, which, like VfB Stuttgart and Eintracht Frankfurt, play in the Bundesliga, Germany’s top-tier league, as well as in the Europa League. Other betting partnerships in Germany include Werder Bremen and Schalke 04, who play in the 2.Bundesliga.

Meanwhile, in Italy, Serie A, the country’s premier league, applied scoreboard replacement technology, allowing Betway to be present in 45 matches during the season.

Half of Premier League clubs are sponsored by sportsbook sites

Super Group’s goals with the betting brand

Neal Menashe, CEO of Super Group, said: “Betway’s visibility in all of Europe’s top football leagues continues to grow, keeping the brand at the top of the list of sports and betting enthusiasts.”

“The progress we are making in rooting the Betway brand as a fixture at marquee events across all of the world’s most popular sports is critical to our growth strategy.”

“We are looking forward to further engaging with sports fans in new markets around the world, including in the US states where we are already making excellent progress this year,” concluded Mensashe.

Eric Grubman, President of Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp (SEAH), said the following:

“These relationships demonstrate the power of the Betway brand in Europe, and we anticipate continued and imminent expansion into other major markets such as the US that since the beginning of the year, Betway has been partnering with the National Hockey League and major NBA teams such as the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat, and is licensed to operate in five states through the DGC relationship.”

“We believe the SEAH and Super Group teams are synergistic together, given our overlapping careers in professional sport and, of course, their veteran status as global operators,” added Grubman.

As early as 2021, the Super Group expects the Betway brand to partner with a number of additional sports teams and leagues across the US and around the world.