IBIA releases report showing ideal approach to gambling regulation

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has published a groundbreaking report evaluating betting regulation in 20 jurisdictions on six continents and covering a wide range of licensing models. The study was conducted by leading global gaming data and intelligence company, H2 Gambling Capital, which was commissioned to assess the strengths and weaknesses of various regulatory lines of gambling around the world.

The effectiveness of restrictions on betting products was also considered, along with the cost of manipulating the results for the regulated industry across the planet. The report raised the following factors:

  • A ranking using five basic evaluation criteria: highest in Great Britain, lowest in India;
  • An ideal solution for the betting market in the form of ten regulatory pillars;
  • An evidence-based assessment of the availability of betting products and the cost of handling results;
  • Key findings generated from operator data covering $137 billion of betting volume;
  • Integrity risk consideration: no corruption issues identified in 99.96% of markets;
  • An assessment based on data revealing a cost of $25 million per year from manipulation of results to the regulated sector.

Details on the production of the study

The study involved fiscal and integrity data from the world’s leading regulated betting operators, representing nearly 50% of all online commercial betting on the planet. These operators feed the world’s largest customer account-based integrity system through IBIA. In addition, the gaming trade associations BGC, BOS, EGBA, Jdigital and NOGA were partners in this study.

David Henwood, the director of H2, said: “Our assessment of the various regulatory models in operation around the world has determined the key factors that are most likely to generate a well-regulated gambling market: unlimited licensing, competitive GGR tax, broad product balanced offer, integrity provisions and advertising parameters”.

Henwood added: “This position and the health assessment is based on the most extensive and detailed collection of market data that has ever been gathered. The report’s conclusions are, therefore, unique and enlightening”.

Khalid Ali, the CEO of IBIA, also made a point of commenting on the survey: “The study and its content can be considered as unprecedented. H2 conducted a detailed examination of the data covering $137 billion in revenue, along with its own market data.”

Ali added: “The result is a report that provides unprecedented insight into global consumer demand, integrity risks and regulatory practices. In doing so, it reveals the core points of a successful regulatory framework for gambling. IBIA hopes that these evidence-based findings will help in the important global debate about stakes and integrity.”

About IBIA

The International Betting Integrity Association, IBIA, is the leading global voice in integrity for the licensed betting industry. It is formed by operators, protecting its members from corruption through collective actions. As such, its monitoring and alerting platform is a highly effective anti-corruption tool that detects and reports suspicious activity in its members’ betting markets.

The association has long-standing information-sharing partnerships with leading sports and gaming regulators to use their data and prevent wrongdoing. The entity represents the sector in high-level policy discussion forums, such as the IOC, the UN and the European Commission. The ‘Optimum Betting Market’ report with additional charts can be found here.