Sportradar’s new alliances mark the first partnership between major professional sports teams in the U.S. with a sports technology company to address these types of marketing needs in such an innovative way.

Sportradar will use “ad: s”, its complete data-based marketing solution service, to help each team improve and refine its sponsorship and affiliate marketing strategies for legal sports betting partners.

Specifically, Sportradar is providing technology that will inform dynamic creative assets and produce data-driven content to be featured in programmatic advertising campaigns, with an interest in personalizing the fan experience and deepening the degree of engagement. This disruptive approach will also create efficiency in sponsorship activations and increase the effectiveness of customer acquisition initiatives.

Sportradar partnership with the New York Jets and Baltimore Reavens

“Sportradar is excited to work with the Jets and Ravens on this strategic initiative in the constantly evolving US market,” said Mike Smith, Head of Advertising at Sportradar. “Legal sports betting presents new and unique opportunities for teams, as well as betting operators, and the Jets and Ravens are taking a step towards raising the value of their brands to their respective betting sponsors.”

“Our end-to-end platform provides each team with a number of levers that they can use to ensure they are offering a personalized experience based on their distinctive fan bases, while maximizing their marketing investment.”

With the continued expansion of legal sports betting in the USA, it is imperative to find an innovative technological partner who knows how to navigate the fragmented market and discover potential areas for growth.

Sportradar, which has deep experience in these areas and strong relationships across the sports betting and sports entertainment ecosystem, is uniquely positioned to help companies maximize the wide range of opportunities brought by legal sports betting.

New York Jets Vice President of Business Development & Enterprise Jeff Fernandez said: “This innovative relationship with Sportradar will enable the New York Jets to optimize the overall performance of our legal sports betting partners, both inside and outside of our business. ecosystem “.

“The ability to engage, acquire, convert and retain customers in this super competitive and fast growing space is of the highest priority for operators. Sportradar’s proprietary technology and its experience in reaching sports bettors through predictive analytics will be extraordinarily valuable for the Official Sponsors of LSB Jets “, concludes Fernandez.

“As we continue to increase our visibility in the world of sports betting and digital games, the Baltimore Reavens are honored to be among the first NFL teams to partner with an industry leader who is Sportradar,” said the Sales Director for Reavens, Kevin Rochlitz. “Through its unmatched sports data intelligence, Sportradar provides an efficient and robust means for our partners to engage and better serve fans in this rapidly evolving industry,” concludes Kevin.