Forest Green defends the ban on advertising of bookmakers in football

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Forest Green defends the ban on advertising of bookmakers in football
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The Forest Green Rovers became the first professional football club in England to publicly defend the ban on advertising and sponsorship of gambling and betting companies in the sports universe, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

The positioning takes place in the midst of the ongoing government review of the Gambling Act of 2005 (Gambling Act), with partnerships between football clubs and bookmakers being one of the issues currently under discussion.

The League Two club (Third Division of Football in England), which already refuses to accept sponsorship from any business connected to the gambling industry, is now supporting a general ban on betting.

The team, however, is strongly opposing the English Football League (EFL), which recently warned that such a ban would be catastrophic for the clubs involved.

President of Forest Green reinforces position against this type of partnership

Forest Green President Dale Vince made appeals in support of the ban: “It’s as if the gambling and betting market has dominated football. If you watch a game on TV, you will be inundated with ads – brand logos are on almost half of the Premier League jerseys and are constantly around the pitch, too. ”

The Forest Green Rovers manager added: “For me, the fun is over. This is an abuse of football and football fans ”.

The club joined the Big Step campaign, which was created to support people affected by gambling-related damage. The founder of the initiative James Grimes celebrated the decision of the English team: “We are very pleased to have the support of Forest Green Rovers”.

Grimes further stated that “this is a vital time to ensure a significant reform of the gaming sector in the UK. To be really effective, sponsoring T-shirts, stadium promotions and other brand activations must not be visible during football matches ”.