Betcris turns to Western Union Business Solutions for better revenue

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Betcris turns to Western Union Business Solutions to improve revenue

As Betcris, the leading sports betting and online gaming operator in Latin America, continues to grow, it is constantly looking for new ways to improve its operations and customer service.

The approach aims to ensure that the company is maximizing its potential and resources, while, at the same time, enhancing the customer experience. Betcris has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) to improve its financial transaction systems.

Previously, as the company was expanding rapidly, it was forced to react to changes in the market in an effort to stay on top.

Therefore, it turned to payment service providers, which resulted in higher fees associated with all transactions received. As the business evolved, rates also increased, reducing the margin that Betcris was able to receive.

With help, Betcris manages to improve long-term planning

With the help of WUBS, Betcris has now reduced the payment method. This, in turn, decreases the fees you have to pay on all of your financial transactions.

The result is a “considerable improvement” in the operator’s revenue, with the WUBS team helping Betcris to establish a better risk management strategy that includes fixed costs for marketing and other initiatives.

Carla Capo, who heads Betcris’ treasury department, explained: “Western Union was instrumental in eliminating the assumptions of our marketing and commercial payments in different jurisdictions and currencies. Our financial costs have been significantly reduced and Betcris is less exposed to currency risk ”.

Betcris’ immediate cost savings and new risk management strategy allow the operator to better design and prepare for long-term growth. As such, the operator was able to cut operating expenses and more accurately determine the return on investment.

About the operator

Betcris has been a reference operator in the developing gambling and betting market in Latin America since 2006 and has been a key part of the region’s growth. In addition, the company is a pioneer in creating a transparent and regulatory-compliant industry capable of serving multiple countries simultaneously.