Betmotion Skills Tournament opens the 2021 edition of the NBB Game of the Stars

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Betmotion Skills Tournament opens the 2021 edition of the NBB Game of the Stars

The Game of Stars 2021 of the NBB (New Basketball Brazil) will take place this Friday, 19, and Saturday, 20, at Tijuca Tennis Club, one of the most traditional basketball gyms in Rio de Janeiro. The individual Betmotion Skills tournament opens the event from 7pm. Then, the public will be able to check out the “3 Points” and “Dunks” contests.

This year, the Game of the Stars is presenting a new format with four teams. Until the last edition, held in 2019, the dispute was focused on a match between NBB Brasil and NBB Mundo. This meant a clash between a team of national highlights and another team formed by international stars of the championship.

This time, the Stars edition will feature two teams from NBB NBB Brasil (“Team Brabo, by Alex Garcia” and “Team Marquinhos”), NBB Mundo (“Time Shamell”) and NBB New Stars (“Team Georginho” ).

The system is simple: the four quarters of a regular basketball game will be replaced by four quick 10-minute games, based on the “Final 4” model. The first match will be NBB Brasil (Alex Garcia) vs NBB Brasil (Marquinhos). Following, there is a confrontation between NBB Mundo (Shamell) and NBB Novas Estrelas (Georginho).

The losers face each other in the fight for third place, in what would be the third quarter, and the winners move on to the big decision of the Game of Stars 2021, in the fourth mini-game.

Sponsor of NBB, Betmotion will have exclusivity of exhibition via streaming

All these matches of the Game of the Stars will be held on Saturday, 20, starting at 4 pm, with live viewing on open and subscription TV. Betmotion, on the other hand, one of the sponsors of the 2020/2021 season of the NBB and content partner of the Game of the Stars, has the exclusivity of streaming the entire dispute.

In addition, the event will have an “infiltrator”, former Betmotion player and ambassador, Douglas “Ninja” Viegas. This participation will be shown by the channel Never Move on Twitch and on NBB’s Facebook page.

Ninja will interact with the team captains on the court, answering questions from the infiltrator and the fans. For this reason, Alex Garcia and Marquinhos (from the two teams NBB Brasil), Shamell (NBB Mundo) and Georginho (NBB Novas Estrelas) will act as microphones to be called by Ninja at any time of the game.

Betmotion Skills opens the 2021 Game of the Stars

The excitement of the Game of the Stars will start with individual tournaments, but Betmotion Skills will do the honors this Friday. With an exhibition on Facebook of Betmotion, ESPN (closed TV), Facebook of NBB and Twitch, the dispute will have eight players involved and will take place again in the one-on-one clash system.

The circuit has four phases. The first will be a zigzag with four obstacles. Subsequently, players will have to pass directly in an arc. Soon after, they will cross the court to make a tray or dunk and, finally, return to the starting point and end with a three-point move.

In direct matches, the two athletes perform the course simultaneously. Whoever finishes first wins and moves on. On the one hand, the current champion of the tournament, Lucas Dias (Sesi Franca), will duel with winger / pivot Wesley Castro, the “Wesley BH” (Mogi), while the American winger with Brazilian nationality Kevin Crescenzi (Cerrado Basquete) faces the experienced Felipe Ribeiro (Fortaleza), 41 years old. The winners will duel in the semifinal.

Betmotion Skills Tournament opens the 2021 edition of the NBB Game of Stars

In the other key, Uruguayan shipowner Nano Parodi (Minas) measures his strength with the revelation Matheusinho (Pato Basquete). The winner will face the North American winger, Sammy Yeager (Brasília) or Jimmy Dreher (Paulistano). Finally, the remaining two players will make the big decision in the individual tournament.

Participants of Betmotion 2021 Skills

  • Lucas Dias (Sesi Franca) – defending champion
  • Felipe Ribeiro (Fortaleza BC)
  • Jimmy (Paulistano)
  • Kevin Crescenzi (Cerrado Basquete)
  • Matheusinho (Pato Basquete)
  • Nano Parodi (Minas)
  • Sammy Yeager (Brasília)
  • Wesley Castro (Mogi)

Betmotion Skills Champions:

  • 2011 – Fernando Penna (Franca)
  • 2012 – Fernando Penna (Franca)
  • 2013 – Fernando Penna (Pinheiros)
  • 2014 – Nezinho (Brasília)
  • 2015 – Thiaguinho (Liga Sorocabana)
  • 2016 – Rafa Luz (Flamengo)
  • 2017 – Tyrone (Mogi das Cruzes)
  • 2018 – Murilo Becker (Universo/Vitória)
  • 2019 – Lucas Dias (Sesi Franca)

NBBet special edition

One hour before starting Betmotion Skills, there will be a special edition of NBBet on NBB’s Facebook. The attraction will receive the champion in the first three editions of the tournament, in 2011, 2012 and 2013, the former owner Fernando Penna.

Presented by the journalist Bruno Laurence, the program will also count on Fernando Fischer, twice champion of the 3 Points and Angelo Alberoni, Country Manager of Betmotion. And NBBet will return in extraordinary edition before the mini-games that close the Game of the Stars.

Game of Stars Schedule 2021:

Friday (19):

6 pm: NBBet! special with Fernando Penna and Fernando Fischer (Facebook and YouTube from NBB)

19h: Betmotion Skills tournament + 3 Budweiser points + Kwai Dunks (Betmotion Facebook, ESPN (closed TV), NBB Facebook and Twitch)

Saturday (20)

3 pm: NBBet! (Facebook and YouTube from NBB)

16h: Game of the Stars 2021 (ESPN, TV Cultura, Facebook and Twitch)