Wanna platform will sponsor Easter ‘Live Solidária’ with former football players

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Wanna platform will sponsor Easter “Live Solidarity” with former football players

This Thursday, the 11th, the former players Souza and Dodô will unite to promote the second special “Live Solidária” of Easter, starting at 8 pm (Brazília time). With the master sponsorship of the Wanna platform, the transmission was conceived by the digital influencer Felipe Joioso, who will also be present. The attraction will be displayed on the influencer channel.

The first event was held at the beginning of the year and got more than 100 basic food baskets. The new goal is to receive 1,000 Easter eggs, which will be donated to dozens of socially vulnerable families in the municipality of Américo Brasiliense, in the interior of the state of São Paulo.

“In difficult times like the ones we are experiencing now, these gestures make a difference in the daily lives of needy families, especially children. Easter is a time for family celebration, which is not yet possible. This was the way we found to spread joy and give strength to keep them hopeful ”, said Joioso, who is a native of the city.

In order to achieve the goal set, those involved in the action are asking for help from their fans and football aficionados across the country.

“The live will be a moment of relaxation between friends to talk about the theme that we like the most – football. The good old review, but with a special touch. For every 15 people watching the live, we will donate 1 egg. In other words, power is in the hands of the audience, ”said former player Souza.

Wanna closed master sponsorship for the solidarity event

To enhance the chain of good, participants joined Wanna, a social media platform for sports betting enthusiasts who have just landed in the national territory.

Master sponsor of the solidarity live, Wanna is the ideal application for football fans to interact to debate the sport and, of course, create bets, challenges between friends and fans of opposing teams.

“It is an honor to be part of this action. We at Wanna are very passionate about sports and the community, which translates a lot into Brazilian culture. The Brazilian cheers fervently, celebrates and competes. We want to see the same passion giving strength to this initiative. To start with the right foot, we will donate 500 Easter eggs ”, revealed Nicole Brandão, Head of Marketing at Wanna.

In addition, the company is committed to donating one egg for every 10 new followers on its official Instagram profile (@ wanna.brasil).