Atlético-MG announces Betano as new master sponsor and generates friction with former partner

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 Atlético-MG announces Betano as new master sponsor and generates friction with former partner
Photo: Site Oficial Atlético-MG

Atlético-MG announced that it has closed a new master sponsorship with the Greek bookmaker Betano, as anticipated in iGaming Brazil. Soon thereafter, Banco BMG, which has stamped its brand, so far, in the most valued location of the athletic uniform, sent an official press release.

In the note, the institution informs that it continues to be the main supporter of the Rooster and that “it continues to talk about new possibilities” to maintain the relationship throughout the football season.

“Regarding the announcement made by Clube Atlético Mineiro, that a new brand will be stamped on the shirt of the main professional football team, Banco Bmg informs that until now, and in accordance with the contract signed in the last negotiations, it maintains his position as a master sponsor and continues to discuss new possibilities that are positive for both in relation to the sponsorship quotas for 2021 “.

Atlético-MG should continue with Betano and BMG, but seek to trim edges

According to GE, the dealings between the football club and the betting platform would have been going on for weeks and, when the deal heated up, the board started talking to BMG, looking for a possibility to continue with the two brands. Therefore, Atlético and BMG were already talking about the topic.

Even with the master sponsor link in effect, the bank indicated that it would accept a change of the location of its brand on the shirt to a less noble space, as a way of supporting the team, which, with the new link with Betano, will leverage the sponsorship amounts.

BMG, however, was not officially informed by the club that the new master sponsorship would be announced. The financial institution was waiting for an announcement that contemplated it, since the club’s agreement, in order to be valid, needs to have the “permission” of BMG, which has a contract as holder of the most valuable place in the uniform.

From now on, both parties seek dialogue to trim the edges and continue the relationship. In addition, there is an expectation for the confrontation this Monday, 11, against Bragantino, away from home, for the Brazilian Championship.

That’s because Betano has already been announced and the shirt with its print has even been publicly revealed, however, the former owner thinks that his brand still needs to be there. On the field, Galo seeks victory to get closer to the leaders and continue in the fight for the title of the Brasileirão.