Football Index-backed teams will wear uniforms with messages about safe play

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Football Index-backed teams will wear uniforms with messages about safe play

Football Index has announced that it will cede its brand exposure space on the shirts of partner English clubs, Nottingham Forest and Queens Park Rangers (QPR), to support mobilization around Safer Gambling Week in the UK.

Therefore, the two teams will wear special uniforms in the next games, to promote the national charity that works for safer games for the younger population, the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM).

QPR will wear a special shirt with the YGAM logo during the English Premier League game on Saturday 21, while Nottingham rivals will repeat the action on Tuesday, November 24.

A plataforma de apostas online, que permite aos seus usuários comprar e vender ações de jogadores de futebol, também está apoiando o trabalho da YGAM, que visa aumentar a conscientização sobre os riscos potenciais do jogo, com uma doação de £ 5.000.

Football Index to promote action during UK awareness week

The initiative comes during Safer Gambling Week (Week of the Safer Game in free translation), which takes place between the 19th and 25th of November in the United Kingdom, with the public awareness campaign with the aim of spreading the message of responsible gaming .

Football Index co-founder Mike Bohan said: “At the Football Index, we have always made safe play one of our top priorities, and we are incredibly pleased to be able to support YGAM’s important work to educate future generations and prevent harm” .

He added: “We hope that this initiative will raise awareness and be an important step in ensuring that young people have the information and knowledge to make informed decisions about the game.”

YGAM’s director of external relations, Daniel Bliss, thanked the company and the football teams for their involvement. “We are grateful to both clubs and the Football Index for their fantastic support. It is vital to educate our future generations about the potential risks associated with gambling so that we can collectively help prevent damage ”.