Sportradar’s Report Helps FPF to Find Suspicious Case on Paulista A3

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Sportradar's Report Helps FPF to Find Suspicious Case on Paulista A3

Some betting houses moves became suspicious in Sportradar’s assessment of Barretos’ defeat by Linense 4-0, Campeonato Paulista A3, on September 18. The company, a partner of the São Paulo Football Federation (FPF), has the responsibility to monitor everything that happens throughout state matches.

The rout came with two penalty goals and one against, scored in extra time. According to the Sportradar report, the rout was already awaited by bettors. Thus, the report produced by Sportradar supported the preventive punishment imposed by the Federation on Barretos and five players for suspected result manipulation.

The report, also sent to the Police Department for the Suppression of Sports Intolerance Crimes (Drade), pointed out that a large flow of bets on a rout came after the opening whistle, which contradicted the initial probabilities.

“The betting patterns contrasted with the logical expectations and there was no legitimate explanation for them based on the events that took place on the playing field,” stated in the Sportradar document. “In this way, it is only possible to conclude that the punters had prior knowledge that Barretos would lose by at least four goals.”

Details of Sportradar’s report

According to the movements of a Malaysian website, Sportradar estimated that the amount of bets for Barretos’ stumble by two or three goals increased in the first minutes of the game, without explanation. “No kicks were recorded during the first five minutes of the match to justify such betting behavior,” says the report.

The first goal was scored at 22 in the first half. The second goal came ten minutes later, while the third only in the second half. “At 87 minutes (3 x 0), Barretos ‘marking became passive and suffered a goal that was canceled by impediment. In fact, Barretos’ defenders were passive and disorderly, losing possession of the ball near their area in several occasions at the end of the game “, says the document.

The move that generated the last goal also caught Sportradar’s attention. “Towards the end, goalkeeper Pedro gave a short pass [inside the small area] to team-mate Roberth, who lost the ball and almost conceded the fourth goal, but the ball went into the corner. The corner was headed against his own goal by the same player, Roberth, who scored against seconds before the final whistle. “

The company also indicated that several sites finalized the bets before the game ended. According to the report, this action tends to indicate that something suspicious may have been noticed by those responsible for the betting houses in the game.

Preventive leave

Based on the Sportradar report, the TJD-SP (Sports Court of Justice) ordered the suspension of goalkeeper Pedro, strikers Fabrício and Derik (both committed penalties) and defenders Roberth (author of the own goal) and Edson Rocha.

Rocha has no direct participation in the bids, only that he became suspicious for having played in two games in 2017 for União Barbarense under suspicion of manipulation. The Civil Police also investigates whether there was an infraction of the Supporter’s Statute, as well as crimes of fraud and criminal association.

Olimpia’s triumph over Paulista 3-2 is also being analyzed. Therefore, Barretos, Olímpia and Paulista were preventively removed on the 8th and will not be able to add athletes in new competitions until the whole situation is judged by the TJD-SP (São Paulo Sports Court). There is still no date for this to happen.

Developments of the case

The president of Barretos, Julio Eduardo Addad, complains about the stance of the FPF and TJD-SP in conducting the case. “The game was at 5 pm. We had a gas leak problem at the accommodation and it was not possible to give lunch to the cast on the spot. We had to order lunchbox and they only had lunch at 2:30 pm. It is very late,” he declared.

Addad also complained about the two penalties scored against his team. “In the fourth goal, our player did not head into the goal. The ball hit his face. He told me that he fumbled with the lighting, and it is not the first complaint we have about it. But [the FPF and TJD] they only selected a few moves. Our goalkeeper, for example, was the best on the pitch. He closed the goal, “he added.

The President of TJD-SP, Antonio Olim, declared that he is only following a protocol procedure. “He [Addad] can believe what he wants. It is a criminal investigation now. It is with the police. If they find nothing, the matter died. He can complain as much as he wants. [The inquiry request] It came to me, I confirmed it . I will not judge anyone “.

About Sportradar

Sportradar is a multinational company based in St. Gallen, Switzerland, which collects and analyzes sports data. Today, Sportradar provides services to bookmakers, national and international sports federations and media companies in more than 80 countries.

The company has international prestige and also has partners in Brazil, a country that does not yet have adequate regulations for the sports betting sector.

And the lack of specific laws tends to facilitate the occurrence of suspicious cases in the sports scene. Therefore, Sportradar’s intervention is of vital importance for the maintenance of sporting integrity in any division and / or modality.