DraftKings Invests in Betting Integrity by Hitting Partnership with IBIA

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DraftKings Invests in Betting Integrity with IBIA Partnership

DraftKings, sports betting operator and multichannel provider of sports games and fantasy sports technologies, has signed a collaboration agreement with the International Betting Integrity Association, IBIA.

DraftKings’ membership will significantly strengthen IBIA’s global monitoring and cause it to share information on suspicious bets with other globally recognized operators.

Khalid Ali, the CEO of IBIA, said: “The association is pleased to welcome another important name in the regulated sports betting industry. DraftKings operates in a truly global business scenario ”.

He added: “The addition of DraftKings’ sports betting trading platform provides a significant boost to IBIA’s already extensive global regulated betting market and customer monitoring capabilities.”

Tim Dent, DraftKings’ Chief Compliance Officer, also spoke on the deal. “Joining the global leader in integrity for the licensed betting industry is a statement of good intentions by DraftKings.”

According to Dent, “the company puts protecting the business of its customers, consumers and sporting events against corruption at the forefront of our corporate strategy. This agreement offers DraftKings’ private sports betting clients unparalleled protection from trading and risk management ”.

About IBIA

The International Betting Integrity Association is considered one of the worldwide references in integrity for the licensed betting industry. The entity is commanded by operators, protecting its members from corruption through collective actions.

In addition, its monitoring and alerting platform is a highly effective anti-corruption tool that detects and reports suspicious activity in its members’ betting markets.

The association has long-standing information sharing partnerships with leading sports and games regulators to use its data and prosecute groups that operate illegally.

And it still represents the sector in high-level policy discussion forums, such as the IOC, the UN, the Council of Europe and the European Commission.