Supporters Watch Brasileirão Match at Bet365

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Fans Watch Brasileirão Match at International Betting Exhibition
Photo: Twitter Athletico-PR

Some Brazilians managed to “circumvent” the lack of options for broadcasting the game of the opening round of the Brazilian Championship, involving Fortaleza and Athletico-PR. The match did not feature TV channels, but was shown internationally at betting houses.

The match was broadcast on the Fanatiz and Bet365 platforms. This is because the matches were purchased by Zeus Sports Marketing and Stats Perform, which grant information and rights to these betting houses. In addition, the two companies acquired the rights of Series A and B of the Brazilian Championship abroad.

This bond will last until 2023 for approximately R $ 209 million. The clubs opted for this offer precisely because of the inclusion of bets, since the teams have a percentage over each match.

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition was promoted abroad, only that the Brazilians could see the match by Bet 365 only by putting money in their respective accounts. In addition, the transmission was pirated on irregular platforms and on social networks.

The exhibition agreement abroad was formalized by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) in April and encompasses 760 matches.

The image capture process is carried out by Globo in most games. However, the narration is the responsibility of TV NSports, which already promotes the exclusive exhibition of the main volleyball championships in Brazil.

Audience “celebrated” broadcasting at betting houses.

On social media, some fans celebrated the possibility of watching the opening round match at the Brasileirão through betting houses.

In the national territory, Fortaleza and Athletico-PR have agreements with Turner for pay TV. However, TNT decided to give up the right and not perform the match. The decision sparked criticism from fans on the internet.

After all, Turner faces problems with the clubs of the Brasileirão, because it has already shown its intention to break the contract and abandon the broadcast of the competition. Apparently, the company intends to end the agreements with the teams in the coming seasons.

With respect to Globo, the Hurricane did not close a deal for the pay-per-view, so that the match could only be shown on open TV. But, the option was discarded due to the time (19H).