Teams and CBF Formalize Transmission and ‘Streaming for Betting’ Agreements for Series A and B of the Brasileirão

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Teams and CBF Formalize Transmission and Streaming for Betting Agreements for Series A and B of Brasileirão
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The 40 teams that comprise the Series A and B of the Brasileirão and the CBF finished the process of commercializing rights for the exhibition and streaming for betting of the 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 Brasileirão editions of both divisions.

The agreement with Global Sports Rights Management (GSRM) refers to the rights to open TV, closed TV, Pay Per View, internet and OTT / streaming of games abroad.

While Zeus Sports Marketing / Stats Perform acquired streaming rights for betting. Started in 2019, the negotiation involved the highest football entity in the country and all teams.

“These contracts are the celebration of the union of CBF and the 40 clubs of the Series A and B around a project that represents a very old desire of national football that is now coming true. It is a fundamental step towards the internationalization of the Brazilian Championship ”, declared the president of CBF, Rogério Caboclo.

Caboclo added: “it was a decision made collectively, based on meticulous and high-quality technical work. Even in the difficult moment of world sport, the most balanced championship in the world has all the conditions to win the market ”.

With the approval of all those involved, the option for the two companies was made official based on an exclusive vote of the teams on April 17. That’s because the Brazilian Football Confederation decided to refrain from any kind of economic gain.

Choice of Brasileirão international partners

The choice of the two new partners to internationalize the Brazilian was based on the analysis of the business style of each of the interested parties, in relation to the presented ways of distributing the competitions, experience in works of this type, compensation system for the teams and technological innovation.

The business styles chosen will have a minimum payment. According to the official CBF note, “the selected businesses will contemplate payment of a minimum guarantee and, in relation to international transmission rights, revenue sharing by sales performance”.

In addition, the winning companies will have to invest in branding, activation in the international scenario and fight the piracy market. Another point is that the clubs of the Brasileirão will have a shared management of the strategies applied in the market with auditing and demonstration of the achieved results.

About Global Sports Rights Management

The company’s work will be aimed at increasing the visibility and interest of football fans around the world in national tournaments. In addition, GSRM will develop a streaming platform (OTT) to broadcast all Series A and B games with monthly subscription plans globally.

“The main focus of our work is to increase the visibility of Brazilian Series A and B championships abroad and take it to a higher level of international exposure. Today there is already a great interest, not attended, for Brazilian football in markets in Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe ”, explained Hernan Donnari, CEO of GSRM.

“The Brasileirão Serie A is one of the top ten competitions in the world and the country is the number one exporter of players on the planet. Added to this is its modern stadium structure and the very high quality of its audiovisual production, which makes the Brazilian Championship an unmissable product ”, he added.

About the Zeus Sports Marketing and Stats Perform consortium

Stats Perform, a leading data technology company, was selected for a four-year deal. The aim is to offer high level experiences in the betting sector, involving providers, operators and bettors.

“We are very pleased to have been chosen and the trust of CBF and the clubs to offer high quality betting experiences. Brazil produces the largest number of professional football players in the world and it is exciting to be involved at this time. We look forward to working with the championships at the start of the season, ”commented Alex Rice, Rights Director at Stats Perform.

Therefore, betting information from the two main divisions of the Brasileirão is part of the content offer of Stats Perform. This data is used to provide virtual, mobile and retail betting experiences.

“ZSM is pleased to have built this commercial agreement that ensures that Brazilian football returns to the betting and data arena. We look forward to serving Stats Perform, CBF and all 40 clubs in the two main divisions to bring this top-notch football content to services worldwide, ”said Josh Burack, partner and managing director, Zeus Sports Marketing Asia Pacific .