Sports Betting in Indiana Doubled in July

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 Sports Betting in Indiana Doubled in July
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Sports betting in Indiana, in the United States, responded positively in July, registering US $ 70.9 million in total. That is, a 138% increase from $ 29.8 million in June, according to the Indiana Gaming Commission.

The growth in activity in the sector can be attributed to the return of Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), which officially restarted on July 24 and 30, respectively.

Although the number of sports betting in the state is still drastically below the average before the new coronavirus pandemic, about $ 187.2 million in the second month of the year, February also featured the Super Bowl, one of the biggest sports betting events in the United States

In addition, current figures exclude the National Hockey League (NHL), which resumed disputes only in August.

“The impressive July increase in control tells us that betting activity in Indiana is on its way to return to pre-pandemic levels,” said Max Bichsel, the Group’s vice president for business in the United States.

Bichsel added: “July had the highest rise since March and this can be attributed to the return of baseball and basketball at the end of the month. The resumption of the major baseball and basketball league, even just for a few days in the July report, had a significant impact on the betting activity in the region. ”

Baseball was the sport that most generated sports betting

It is worth mentioning that the brief period of baseball disputes in the month of July proved to be the main driving factor for betting revenue in the state, hitting approximately 14.5 million dollars.

While the basketball league, which is in a single-seat system in a “bubble” at the Disney complex in Orlando, accounted for less than $ 6 million in sports betting.