Reprodução/Via instagram

Neymar reached first place in a poker tournament held to celebrate his 32nd birthday. The player won not only victory, but also a trophy and a medal.

Neymar shared his achievement with euphoria, showing off the trophy in a recent photo posted on his Instagram account.

The event, a festive anticipation of the Brazilian striker’s birthday, revealed Neymar’s passionate side for the card game.

The competition took place before Neymar’s official birthday this Monday, February 5th. The player highlighted not only his football skills, but also his strategic dexterity in poker.

In his posts, Neymar showed off the trophy and medal, but also shared moments from the poker competition.

Wearing an elegant black suit, the star of the Brazilian national team incorporated style, placing two cards in his jacket pocket (an ace of spades and another of hearts).

Furthermore, photographic records included intimate moments with Mavie, his daughter, and Bruna Biancardi, his ex-girlfriend and mother of the child.

Neymar off the pitch

In one of the photos shared by Neymar, there is a poster of him playing for Al-Hilal, which contributed to the unique decoration of the event.

It is worth mentioning that the player is in the process of recovering from an injury to his left knee. Expectations are that he will return to the field in August, putting his participation in the Copa América in question.

Neymar was injured on October 17, at the end of the first half of Brazil’s 2-0 defeat to Uruguay, in Montevideo, in a match valid for the South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

Neymar felt intense pain in his knee and fell onto the Centenário Stadium lawn. He later underwent surgery on his left knee.