Neymar has a loss of one million euros at a bookmaker
Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

This Tuesday, March 28, was quite hectic for Brazilian player Neymar on social media. First, he had his social networks hacked and had to worry about the invasion of privacy. Despite this, he found time to conduct a live video feed of an online gaming session at a bookmaker.

Recovering from an injury, the PSG star started a live for a game on a digital platform. But, just over an hour later, it ended up taking a loss of approximately 1 million euros (R$ 5.6 million at current quotations).

Despite the loss, Neymar seems to have taken it all in stride and even pretended to be crying. The player was mocked by friends, who put the song from the movie Titanic, which has become a meme on social networks in times of sadness.

One of them commented to Neymar that he achieved the feat of “going from a million to zero in 60 minutes”. Showing good humor, the striker of the Brazilian national team said: “I’m going to make a video on youtube (about it)”, he said, and then closed the live.

According to a theory raised by profiles on social media, it could all be a marketing ploy by the online bookmaker in which Neymar took this loss. The intention would be to show the public that there is greater damage and that of celebrities, so that the user registers on the respective site.

Neymar is known to be a poker and eSports enthusiast

Neymar has repeatedly shown his ability in the area of ​​online games. In February of this year, the Brazilian participated in two poker tournaments in Paris; in one of them, he bet 10,200 euros (about R$ 56,000) and advanced in the dispute.

At the Hyatt Regency, a luxury hotel in Paris, Neymar participated in the Mystery Bounty of the European Poker Tour (EPT), organized by PokerStars. In this competition, Neymar advanced to the second phase, placing 30th, with 103,500 accumulated chips. The platform disclosed the participation of the PSG striker in its social networks.

Furthermore, forward is one of the cultural ambassadors of PokerStars, online poker platform, but also a participant in recurring eSports and poker championships.