Exclusive: BSOP's Devanir Campos says Brazilian poker is booming

In an exclusive interview with iGaming Brazil, the director of the BSOP, the Brazilian Devanir Campos told how the biggest poker tournament in the Southern Hemisphere, the BSOP Millions, will be.

In this interview, Devanir talks about how it is to organize the most prestigious tournament in the region, comparing it with previous editions and forecasting the number of participants and spectators for this edition.

For this year, there was a 25% increase in people capacity and tournament area, more than 25 thousand people are expected on every day of the event, which takes place from November 14th to 26th at the Sheraton Hotel, in São Paulo.

The pandemic contributed, according to him, to the increase in the public at the following events, due to the Brazilian’s own need to be constantly connected to other people, to human warmth and to face-to-face activities.

The prize pool, according to Campos, will be more than BRL 40 million distributed among every day (one of the largest in history), with around BRL 7 million for the Main Event and no less than BRL 1.5 million for the champion. million. “Today, the BSOP Millions is the third sporting award in our country, second only to the passion of the Brazilian people, which is football”, he comments.

Devanir also comments on the fact that we have 5 Brazilian players in the ranking of the 10 best in the world, among them Iuri Martins, André Akkari, Bruno Volkamann, Rafael Moraes, among others.

Watch the interview in full.