Primeiro podcast Brazilian Lounge estreia hoje
Primeiro podcast Brazilian Lounge estreia hoje

The Brazilian Lounge, which has already become a reference in the global iGaming industry as the ‘best place to do business with Brazilian gamblers’, is launching another product in its content collection, the Brazilian Lounge Podcast.

The first episode premiered today, August 16 at 11:30 am!

The podcast team is made up of:

  • Witoldo Hendrich (Co-founder and Legal Director of Online IPS);
  • Ricardo Magri (Brazilian Lounge director);
  • Alessandro Valente (Co-Founder Brazilian Lounge);
  • Flávio Figueiredo (CEO iGaming Group).
Ricardo Magri - Brazilian Lounge Podcast
Ricardo Magri – Director Brazilian Lounge

The programs will feature the ‘Top 7‘, a special block highlighting the seven main news of the week sponsored by the bookmaker Bet7k.

Members of the bench will analyze the week’s subjects and, later, dive into a light and relaxed conversation with a guest about their journey in the betting market.

Witoldo - Podcast
Witoldo Hendrich – Co-founder and Legal Director of Online IPS.

In this debut program, the Top 7 featured the following headlines:

Flavio Figueiredo Podcast Brazilian Lounge
Flávio Figueiredo – CEO iGaming Group.

“The idea is to be a light podcast, to know how the person got to the industry, how they entered this market. We want to talk about the industry, but showing a humanized side of the people who will be on the podcast”, explained Flávio Figueiredo.

“We will address both the sector and the trajectory of the guest. The human side of those who are part of this global industry”, he added.

Alessandro Valente - Podcast
Alessandro Valente – Co-Founder Brazilian Lounge.

Watch the first episode of the Brazilian Lounge Podcast!

The Brazilian Lounge Podcast welcomes Carlos Cardama (BiS SiGMA director) in its first edition.

New episodes of the Podcast will be made available to the public every Tuesday at 10 am.