According to the website Passei Direto, the probability of a player scoring a penalty in a real football game is 80%. In the Penalty Shootout casino game, the probability is unknown. However, just like in a real football game, all you have to do to win is get past the goalkeeper.

Inspired by the most popular sport in the world, Penalty Shootout is a casino game available on several platforms in Brazil. If you have ever watched a penalty shootout in a football game, then you will be familiar with the game mechanics of Penalty Shootout. The player’s objective is very simple: defeat the goalkeeper by scoring goals that multiply the value of the bets.

How does Penalty Shootout work?

When you open Penalty Shootout on your phone or browser, you can immediately see an animation of a goalkeeper and the goal. Above the goalkeeper, there are four options: (1) Start, (2) Bet, (3) Play and (4) Collect. See how each of them works:

  • Start: Allows the user to open the casino game and choose a new bet amount.
  • Bet: Allows the user to define the value of their bet.
  • Play: The most fun stage of the Penalty Shootout, in which you need to choose one of six locations on the goal (visible on the interface) to try to beat the goalkeeper. The more goals you score, the greater the value of your prize.
  • Collect: Used to abandon the game and collect available winnings.

Do you still remember the real probability of a penalty kick being awarded (80%)? Well, Penalty Shootout goalkeepers have a one in six chance of stopping a goal, so they are much stronger! So, don’t forget to play responsibly and always be careful with your bets.

Penalty Shootout Bet

Penalty Shootout Betting is the moment in which the player defines how much he wants to bet on each match of the casino game. Despite having a fun interface and being a realistic simulation of a real penalty shootout, Penalty Shootout remains a game of luck.

Before taking too many risks, place small bets to “test” your penalty shooting skills. If possible, take advantage of the welcome bonuses and free spins released by some online casinos in Brazil.

Where can I play Penalty Shootout in Brazil?

To play Penalty Shootout in Brazil, simply find a Penalty Shootout Casino (basically, an online casino where the game is available). Penalty Shoot out 1win is our top recommendation, but there are other viable alternatives.

To choose the best Penalty Shootout Casino possible, you must:

  • Check if the casino has an official gaming license. Preferably, this must have been issued in Brazil, where online gambling has been governed by new rules since December 2023.
  • Before registering, do a quick Google search to detect potential online scams, consult user opinions and read professional reviews.
  • Find out about the payment methods and withdrawal options available. If the information regarding deposits and withdrawals is not transparent, it is preferable to choose another online casino.
  • Consider additional bonuses and promotions that may be applied to your account.

Finally, don’t forget to see if the Penalty Shootout game is available at your favorite casino!

The verdict

There are thousands or even millions of online casino games; So, why should you choose Penalty Shootout? These are its main advantages:

  • Penalty Shootout is a leading online casino game developed by the renowned Evoplay.
  • It is inspired by the most popular sport in the world (football), featuring a fun and intuitive interface.
  • The user has a chance to beat the goalkeeper one in six times — less than in real football, but great for a casino game!
  • The user always has the possibility to leave the game and withdraw his winnings by clicking the Collect button.

Useful information:

Minimum bet10 reais
Maximum bet500 reais
RTP (Return to Player)96,00%
Maximum coefficient30,72
Useful information Penalty Shootout Casino.