Genius Sports e Brentford FC
Imagem: Wallpaper Cave /  tracy

Brentford FC fans attending the Premier League match against Sheffield United and any games throughout the remainder of the season will have their gaming experience enhanced. The English club has partnered with Genius Sports to deliver data-driven highlights to fans at the stadium and on social media.

So, for the first time in the Premier League, the Gtech Community Stadium will feature replays of the game with enhanced highlights. Information such as shot speeds, shot paths, player names and field maps will be included.

The Gtech logo will be incorporated into the new augmented clips, allowing Gtech to leverage a completely new ad inventory. Metric highlights will also be shared on social media post-game, powered by Gtech, Brentford FC’s stadium partner since July 2022.

Genius Sports Dragon technology for gaming

As the official tracking and analytics data partner of the Premier League, Genius Sports’ Dragon technology captures 10,000 surface mesh data points per player. In other words, there are more than 200 times per second for each Brentford game.

Dragon applies computer vision to combine rich tracking data with real-time video streaming. In this way, it provides fans of the English football team with vital context for each play.

For example, by understanding what is happening in the game, the engine will automatically detect shots and display the Gtech logo above the goal at that moment, providing crucial brand visibility when the audience is most engaged.

Other championships will use the same technology

Steve Watts, Director of Marketing Services at Brentford FC, commented “Everything we do at Brentford is through a fan perspective. We really value the game day experience. But we are always looking for ways to improve and add something a little different when watching a game at Gtech.”

“Every club has a very data-driven approach, but we wanted to satisfy the appetite of fans who are also interested in this aspect of the game. We are confident that most fans, whether in person or on social media after the game, will appreciate the additional analysis.”

Therefore, Genius Sports will enable alternative data-driven broadcasts across the Premier League, NFL and NBA. All broadcasts in partnership with Premier League Productions, CBS, Prime Video and ESPN.