Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), recognized as one of the main football teams, is expanding its partnership with Chiliz and, the club’s official Fan Tokens platform. The idea is to strengthen your strategy in the web3 universe.

In this context, PSG will become the first sports club in the world to validate a blockchain. Marking a significant advancement in the adoption and evolution of blockchain technology, as well as highlighting its commitment to digital innovation.

PSG and the blockchain market

By becoming a validator on Chiliz Chain, PSG will play a crucial role in the development of the SportFi ecosystem, and the security of the blockchain.

This pioneering initiative not only consolidates PSG‘s position as a leader in innovation in the world of sport, but also underlines its strategic commitment to the future, ensuring high-quality products and experiences for its fans.

The choice of Chiliz as a partner in this journey is supported by its SportFi ecosystem, valued at US$1 billion.

Chiliz Chain, in turn, already hosts more than 50 web3 projects, demonstrating its robustness and ability to attract innovation. Since 2018, when PSG launched its Fan Token, the partnership with Chiliz has been fundamental in driving the web3 transformation in sport.

Commitment to fans

The PSG Fan Token plays a central role in this strategy, providing fans with exclusive access to the club’s web3 ecosystem and fostering a direct relationship.

This approach not only generates significant digital revenues, but also grants fans ownership of digital assets, strengthening the bond between the club and its fan base.

Vision for the future: PSG and Chiliz Hackathons

In addition to becoming a validator on the Chiliz Chain, PSG will host, in partnership with Chiliz, blockchain hackathons at the Parc Des Princes stadium.

This initiative, scheduled for the end of the European summer of 2024, will bring together developers to explore innovative solutions in the sports universe using web3 technology and the Parisian team’s Fan Tokens.

A node validator on Chiliz Chain plays an essential role in the governance and security of the blockchain.

In this way, it authorizes vital smart contracts for fan tokens, NFTs and dApps. These nodes validate transactions and protect the blockchain against malicious activity, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment.

Therefore, Paris Saint-Germain is at the forefront of digital transformation in sport, leading the adoption of blockchain technology and the web3 strategy.

This partnership has provided exclusive experiences for fans and promoted global community engagement.