Atlético de Madrid, from Spain, announced a strategic partnership with Mega Cassino World. In this way, making the online betting and casino company official as its official sponsor in the territories of Asia and Latin America.

The partnership goes beyond a simple commercial association, seeking to provide exceptional experiences to fans through various activations.

The collaboration is not just limited to commercial benefits, but aims to share the core values ​​that both institutions hold dear, celebrating these beliefs through a common passion for sport.

Lee Yong Fuk, Marketing Director at Mega Casino World, expressed excitement about the partnership.

“This is a historic moment for Mega Cassino World. Given that our core business is centered on technology, we see Atlético de Madrid as an ideal partner.

Each season, we witness the club remaining at the forefront of innovation, both on and off the field, achieving remarkable results in the process.”

Diego Sánchez Trillo, Commercial Head of Atlético de Madrid, shared his satisfaction with the collaboration:

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Mega Casino World to our family of sponsors.

This partnership will not only strengthen our commercial presence but also bring us even closer to our ardent fans in Asia and Latin America.”

About Mega Casino World

Mega Casino World is a highly rated online casino offering cricket, poker, baccarat, blackjack and slots betting options.

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