ABFS anuncia a primeira edição do Campeonato Brasileiro de Fantasy Sports

The Brazilian Fantasy Sport Association (ABFS) has prepared something new for fans of this sport: the first Brazilian Fantasy Sports Championship is coming!

Taking advantage of the end of Brasileirão 2023, ABFS created the first direct competition between teams to promote electronic sports in the country and show that Fantasy Sport is, indeed, skill, study and a lot of strategy.

If Brazilians are passionate about football, Fantasy Sport is the electronic sport at heart. The first Brazilian Team Fantasy Sports Championship was created by ABFS and has the official support of the companies Footstats, Rei do Pitaco, Stattrak and StockSports.

The 16 teams that will compete against each other will need to assemble teams of 3 to 5 participants, who must choose a name for their team and will compete for the trophy and exclusive prize for the first competition.

Everyone must be over 18 years old and have an account on the official platform for this first edition of the tournament.

To participate, you must fill out the registration form on the website, indicating the details of all team members, and pay the registration fee per team.

There will be 16 vacancies, filled in order of registration.

The Championship will feature a group stage, made up of four groups of four teams each, which will face each other once, and a knockout stage, played in the “best of three” system, made up of quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.

Brazilian Fantasy Sports Championship

The composition of the groups will be drawn via live or video call, in which representatives of the organization and the captains of each team will participate in person or virtually. .

Schedule of the 1st Brazilian Fantasy Sports Championship

  • 10/25 Deadline for registration
  • 10/28 Start of the Championship – 1st Round (Round 30 of the Brazilian Championship – 10/28)
  • 29/10 2nd Round of the Championship (Round 30 of the Brazilian Championship)
  • 01/11 3rd Round of the Championship (Round 31 of the Brazilian Championship)
  • 04/11 and 05/11 Quarterfinals (Round 32 of the Brazilian Championship)
  • 08/11 Semifinals (Round 33 of the Brazilian Championship)
  • 11/11 and 12/11 Final (Round 34 of the Brazilian Championship)