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Asia takes the lead in high-risk betting, while Europe leads with female gamblers – insights from SOFTSWISS, a leading global provider of iGaming technology, supported by data analysis from its Casino Platform.

SOFTSWISS experts have thoroughly examined Casino Platform customer project data spanning September 2022 to August 2023 to create profiles of contemporary players across three regions: Europe, Latin America and Asia.


The European iGaming market is consistently at the top in terms of revenue generation and financial performance. According to SOFTSWISS casino platform data, Europe has eight times the number of active players compared to Latin America and an impressive 18x increase compared to Asia.

Furthermore, 68.3% of European players prefer mobile devices to place their bets, with the average bet size almost double that of Latin America, but still behind the Asian figure.

Gender disclosure is not mandatory during the registration process at certain online casinos, but even with the data available, some intriguing patterns emerge.

According to research by SOFTSWISS, almost half of European online casino players are male, representing 47% of the total player base. At the same time, Europe is the leader in the number of female players (18.11%), followed closely by Latin America, while Asia lags significantly behind.

SOFTSWISS experts state that this can be attributed to a high level of female involvement in the European economy, which is closely related to a higher level of education and, consequently, better access to sources of personal income.

When considering the age range of contemporary European online gamers, the majority fall into the 31 to 40 age group. This demographic tends to gravitate towards slots games as their preferred gaming option, with card games and roulette taking second and third positions.

Darya Avtukhovich, head of the casino platform at SOFTSWISS, comments: “One of the important aspects for the European market is payment systems. Due to the diversity of operating locations, operators need multiple payment options, which becomes even more complex in regulated markets.”

“SOFTSWISS is actively addressing this by obtaining licenses and certifications. We also integrate payment systems into the Casino Platform, ensuring flexibility for operators entering specific markets,” he added

Latin America

Latin America emerges as a promising center for the iGaming industry. Markets that have already adopted online casino and bookmaker regulation are witnessing steady growth, while countries that are about to implement these regulations anticipate notable growth in the near future.

According to data from the SOFTSWISS Casino platform, in Latin America, 69.2% of active players use mobile devices to place bets in online casinos, slightly exceeding the equivalent figure in Europe.

Male gamers make up the majority, while women make up 17.4% of the user base. The largest player demographic is in the 31-40 age group, representing 20.8% of the total, while those aged 18-24 and 25-30 each represent 18.8%. The variations in distribution between these age groups in Latin America are the smallest among the regions analyzed.

Highlighting the main characteristics of the local iGaming culture, Carla Dualib, Regional Business Development Manager for Latin America, states: “Local online casino players tend to place small but regular bets. This differentiates them from European players, who, by In turn, they opt for less frequent but larger bets when betting online.”

The data collected by the Casino Platform corroborates this expert opinion: players in Latin America place the lowest bets compared to other regions analyzed.

“Another key difference between Latin American players and players from other regions is their unwavering love for sports betting, especially football. However, when it comes to classic online casino games, local players are active in slots and games roulette,” noted Darya Avtukhovich, head of the SOFTSWISS casino platform.

“The latter is gaining momentum – according to Game Aggregator statistics, roulette games represent 21.8% of all game types preferred by Latin American players, which is 2 to 4 times more than in Asia and Europe”, he added.

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This region is characterized by technological advancement and progressiveness, with some countries leading the global economy and boasting a high GDP per capita.

This progressive nature is evident in the average bet size, which, according to Casino Platform data, exceeds European averages by 2.5 times and leaves the average bet size of Latin American players more than four times behind.

In Asia, the prevalence of players who prefer mobile betting exceeds that of other regions, with 71.6% in favor of this method. Additionally, the percentage of female gamers in Asia is significantly lower, comprising just 6.2%.

Within the Asian player demographic, those aged between 31 and 40 are the most commonly found group placing bets on the projects developed by the SOFTSWISS casino platform.

Slot games dominate the market, accounting for over 80% of all games. Speaking on the topic of entertainment, Darya Avtukhovich notes: “Operators serving Asian audiences should include traditional regional games in their portfolio.”

“This involves not only styling content using well-known Asian symbols such as dragons, but also bringing familiar table games to local players online, such as Mahjong and others.”

“Similarly, in sports betting, offering bets on traditional sports such as Muay Thai and Kabaddi alongside popular international sports will significantly improve the online casino offerings,” he added.

Summarizing the research, it is clear that there are common trends among players from different regions. However, it is essential to consider local peculiarities to shape an effective strategy.

Darya Avtukhovich emphasizes the importance of attracting local experts who understand the cultural nuances, traditions and values ​​of the audience. SOFTSWISS implements this approach by leveraging the extensive experience and knowledge of its regional managers in Latin America and Asia to effectively develop clients’ businesses in new markets.


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