Blaze entra com ação judicial para voltar ao ar (1)
Blaze entra com ação judicial para voltar ao ar.

Blaze filed a lawsuit seeking the reinstatement of the bookmaker’s website in Brazil.

The request was filed last Wednesday, September 6, and also questions the jurisdiction of the São Paulo court to analyze the case, requesting the transfer of the case to the Superior Court of Justice.

The Itatiaia portal announced today that it had access to an extensive 18-page document, signed by two law firms based in São Paulo, which act as representatives of the company based on the island of Curaçao, in the Caribbean.

In the application, the lawyers argue that blocking Blaze in Brazil “means the termination of the company’s activities, which has more than 25 million registered users in Brazil, who will be prevented from redeeming their credits on the platform.”

Part of the document

The defense states that “[Blaze] has always been concerned with having a high level of professionalism and transparency with its customers, which has made it one of the main names in the online betting market”

Continuing, the document says that “the State Court is incompetent to exercise jurisdictional control over the investigation of crimes against the national financial system” and that Blaze is headquartered in Curaçao, where betting is permitted and regulated.

Because of this, the lawyers state that “the alleged conduct of ‘gambling’ is not carried out within Brazilian territory, and the Criminal Misdemeanors Law is inapplicable.”

In the initial petition, the lawyers requested recognition of the illegality of the São Paulo court’s decision.

This decision would result in the restoration of the main Blaze website and, additionally, the transfer of the case to Brasília.

Blaze seeks to circumvent blocking by publishing new URLs on Twitter

The betting company sought to bypass the block by sharing alternative URLs on Twitter, allowing its customers to continue using its services.

Blaze does not address the judicial blockage, it only advises users with access difficulties to use alternative addresses, called “mirror sites”, designed to assist players with connection problems.