PayBrokers becomes an associate member of CIBELAE (1)
PayBrokers becomes an associate member of CIBELAE

PayBrokers specializes in payment services and cross-border transactions in the high-risk market, with a focus on the gaming and sports betting industry. The Ibero-American Corporation of State Lotteries and Betting (CIBELAE) continues to expand its partner base.

Under the chairmanship of Javier Milián, owner of the El Salvador Lottery, CIBELAE approved the incorporation of PayBrokers as an associate member.

PayBrokers is a provider specializing in payment and cross-border transaction (eFX) services in the high-risk market, with a special focus on gaming and betting. It processes payments through the PIX payment method and currently collaborates with more than 400 merchants, handling more than 1.5 million transactions daily.

Since 2023, PayBrokers began expanding its operations to the lottery segment. He recently signed an exclusive contract with Loteria Paraná in Brazil. Together with Skilrock, PayBrokers will provide a platform for the control of lottery activities, integrated with a payment system to manage, regulate and control the financial flow of futures traders. This 20-year contract involves an 18% transfer on securities traded in the system.

PayBrokers is also implementing other means of payment, such as credit and debit cards, to serve other lotteries in Latin America that do not have PIX. This expansion aims to make a significant contribution to preventing money laundering and promoting responsible gaming.

According to Cibelae, the incorporation of PayBrokers as an associate member strengthens its position in the Ibero-American market and provides it with valuable networking opportunities within the lottery and betting industry.

About PayBrokers

PayBrokers provides Payment Facilitation (eFX) services for deposits and withdrawals, facilitating online purchases on international websites. The platform is capable of being integrated into customer systems to offer numerous financial solutions to its customers within its own application.