After promoting partnership with Blaze, Neymar enters the sights of the French Justice (1)
After promoting partnership with Blaze, Neymar enters the sights of the French Justice

According to local TV RMC Sport, Neymar is being investigated by French authorities for advertising games at online casinos during a live broadcast in French territory. Such conduct is prohibited by law in the region and the player is currently under observation by the country’s authorities.

Online betting site Blaze, which is a sponsor of the PSG star, is not recognized to operate in France. Recently, during a game promoted by the partnership between the brand and Neymar, the Brazilian player lost 1 million euros. This action was carried out as part of the company’s marketing strategy.

The ANJ (Autoridade Nacional de Jogos) considers that promoting gambling advertising is harmful to viewers. In analysis, the comments made by the player about his victories and defeats in the game, during the live transmission, can encourage people to play on the platform.

Investigations have not yet determined whether Neymar broadcast the game directly from Brazil or France. During the live, the player spoke only in Portuguese and did not mention anything about the location in France. He stayed online for about an hour before losing a large amount of money.

The ANJ does not welcome the publicity made by the number 10 of the Brazilian National Team and seeks to regulate and combat the online betting market. However, the player continues to partner with Blaze and perform live broadcasts betting large amounts of money on the site.

Blaze’s marketing action with Neymar

On March 29, a video of Neymar ‘crying’ went viral after allegedly registering a loss of 1 million euros on the betting site Blaze. But it was all just a marketing ploy. The athlete’s advisory disclosed that there was no financial loss and was referring to a publicity action.