Exclusive Marlon Tseng, CEO of Pagsmile, talks about the evolution of the company and the iGaming market in Brazil

Pagsmile, a payment facilitator platform that acts as an intermediary between merchants (shopkeepers, retailers, companies) and the financial institutions responsible for processing payments, has been active in Brazil since 2015, helping to develop the digital market by facilitating access the purchase of digital products and services, specializing in alternative payment methods that connect and meet the needs of partners and customers around the world.

In 2021, the company expanded its area of ​​operation and reached several countries in Latin America, such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Panama. In Brazil alone, there are already more than 200 companies that operate with Pagsmile payment solutions, totaling the processing of more than 20 million monthly transactions.

To talk about this success and its evolution in terms of PIX and online payments, Marlon Tseng, CEO of Pagsmile, granted an exclusive interview to the iGaming Brazil portal.

Marlon spoke, among other things, about the emergence and evolution of the company Pagsmile, he spoke about alternative means of payment as a beneficial means of growth for a company, and he also spoke about the future of iGaming in Latin America in his opinion.

Watch the interview in full.