MGM Resorts and BetMGM have announced their plans to further mark ‘Responsible Gaming Education Month’ (RGEM). Throughout September, the American Gaming Association (AGA) will encourage brands to participate in public service campaigns — among other efforts — to raise awareness of responsible gaming.

In turn, MGM Resorts and BetMGM will support the AGA’s ‘Have A Game Plan’ and ‘Bet Responsibly’ initiatives, targeting both new and experienced bettors.

Both brands will post content on social media, sharing tips and information about responsible gaming and best practices. These activities will not be limited to RGEM; they will continue to share educational content throughout the year.

MGM Resorts and BetMGM also reiterated their commitment to GameSense, a responsible gaming program developed by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC).

Richard Taylor, Responsible Gaming Program Manager at BetMGM, said: “Our primary focus is on providing exceptional customer service and responsible gaming is a critical element of our approach. Through GameSense, we empower our employees and customers to approach gambling the right way — for fun and entertainment.”

Meanwhile, MGM Resorts Director of Responsible Gaming Garrett Farnes focused on education to create a safer betting environment. He said, “Education and training are priorities.”

“Our employees serve as the front lines for the company’s responsible gaming efforts, and we want them to be equipped with the necessary skills to ensure guests are informed, confident and in control of their game.”

To this end, MGM Resorts’ staff training program recently underwent an expansion, training over 62,000 employees last year. Of these, 271 received the highest level of training in the program, earning the title of GameSense Advisor.