Natalia Nogues, investing partner in Control + F5, a company that offers 360 solutions for companies that are interested in working with iGaming in Brazil and need local and tropicalized specialized services, participated again in BiS.

Having worked in several companies in the field, Natalia is now in charge of Marketing at Control + F5 and told the iGaming Brazil portal about the beginning of the company, her work, how she sees marketing in Brazil today and what are the projects from now on company that is on the rise in the country.

Together with their partner Wilson Lima, Demy Marcos and André Alves, they have just received the award for Innovation & Highlight at the Brazilian iGaming Awards 2022.

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iGaming Brazil – How was your involvement with this world of iGaming born?

Natalia Nogues – My involvement in iGaming started 13 years ago. I started as a customer service agent in 2009, when no one had the knowledge about online betting, I particularly didn’t even know it existed, other than the physical casino. When I started to discover this new parallel universe, that’s when I fell madly in love with this industry.

I’ve dedicated myself a lot all these years to learning, specializing in all areas of running an online operation. Today I see myself submerged in this world, I feel that I have a respectable experience, a knowledge to take my hat off and that I can help many companies to progress in this country still so unexplored in the game, but with guaranteed potential, I understand that.

iGaming Brazil – Do you consider yourself a creative, proactive or more planning person in the professional field?

Natalia Nogues – I consider myself a little bit of each of these characteristics, I can’t choose just one. I have a degree in graphic and web designer, so creativity is what I have the most, logic has accompanied me since web programming in several languages ​​and with my passion for puzzles, I love solving a challenge and with an order and planning to achieve .

I love organizing events, those who know me well know that I’m quite determined about doing things my way, my events and projects in general need to have timed schedules, planning, structure, and I go after everything so that everything goes exactly as I dreamed. I’m always trying to help everyone and everything, it’s a big baggage, but I love it and it makes me happy.

When I have a task to fulfill, it will never go unsolved for sure, I will go to the last detail to achieve the goal, and I go beyond the information I have at hand, I love to study and investigate and deliver something completely innovative and that everyone admires, I am extremely demanding and detail-oriented with what I do and that’s why I also consider myself proactive. I can’t be different in some areas of my life, I play myself completely, I value integrity and I value loyalty in everything I do and everyone around me.

iGaming Brazil – What is your current position and responsibility within Control + F5?

Natalia Nogues – I’m currently in charge of our Gaming 360 product. I’ve been dedicating myself, for many years, to studying, observing and learning in practice, to understand this industry. I worked with numerous operations, I understood what were the flaws and what were the possible ways to develop a successful company in Brazil. Today I understand the needs and concerns of operations that face a market that is totally different from the rest of Brazil, a completely unexplored forest without much direction.

My greatest desire is not to dedicate myself to just one operation, but to work with impetus for several companies with the will to work seriously and make it happen. At Control + F5, I dedicate myself every day, together with my partners and team, to transmitting total professionalism, sincerity, dedication, transparency and total security in the service provided. We deliver far beyond business, we deliver a long-term unconditional partnership and support, until we reach the success of companies in this industry, whether or not they are our customers.

iGaming Brazil – How is digital marketing being used in Brazil today?

Natalia Nogues – Digital marketing is being used, but its full potential is not being explored. There is still a big doubt about the use of this medium for the gaming market, as it is not fully accepted by some tools, since there is no regulation in Brazil that supports it, so the return that can be obtained is unknown.

The vast majority of companies are afraid to invest money in online marketing because it is not a means of immediate results, it is something that needs time for the brand to mature, there is a whole theme of frequency, rhythm, type of content so that exposure and return algorithms are created.

It certainly doesn’t have the same flashy and quick impact as offline marketing, but something is more targeted and accurate, the mouth of the marketing funnel, that customer who sees your brand in the digital environment is because they’re really interested in this niche. and the conversion will be much more likely to take place.

iGaming Brazil – What points would you highlight about the Brazilian market compared to other markets?

Natalia Nogues – The highlights of this market, certainly in the first place, would highlight the population theme, Brazil is considered a continental-sized country, with 220 million inhabitants, passionate about football and some other sports, with a history of betting and make a “little thing”. All Brazilians like to compete, they are superstitious and riskier, luck follows them wherever they go.

In matters related to technology, we can say that 94% of Brazilians have access to the internet, there are 2 digital devices per inhabitant, the population adapts to any technological trend, Brazilians have been voting in electronic voting machines for 25 years and the financial system is a of the most advanced in the world, with 86% of the population being banked. We can certainly define that Brazil’s potential in gaming cannot be measured, certainly one of the greatest in the world.

iGaming Brazil – How Control + F5 sees the Latin American market today after the COVID-19 crisis.

Natalia Nogues – We see the market increasingly heated. In Latin American countries with regulated markets, certainly after the Covid crisis, the online environment has certainly increased even more and has made many companies focused on the physical environment, having to migrate or adapt to this online environment of the day. overnight, it certainly showed a new horizon and a faster and more viable way for exponential growth, when your audience also follows this change and demands new experiences.

But in Brazil, still a novelty market, in expansion and continuous growth, we see an increasingly agitated market and being seen with magnifying glasses and a lot of affection, it is the place of the moment, the ball of the time. Now, with the draft of the Decree on the regulation of sports betting, companies are much more motivated to make things happen and accelerate their operations, leaving everything prepared for this moment, gaining experience, product adjustments, visibility and dissemination time.

The time is certainly now to dive into the market and take the opportunity to put down roots and understand the Brazilian way of betting and making it happen.

iGaming Brazil – What are the plans going forward, in a period of approximately 5 years?

Natalia Nogues – I would say that growing and growing, the time is now to appear, create alliances, be seen, be known and create a bond of trust, with a job well done in this environment, in 5 years the operations will be licensed, with a long trajectory, with healthy competition and growing more and more.

New punters popping up day by day and joining the fun new entertainment. Tourism in Brazil will grow more and more, the country will benefit from taxes, the number of jobs will increase and it will be a benefit for everyone: Operators working with freedom, government making money for the well-being of the country, Service providers increasingly committed and conquering space and secure customers in having entertainment without bureaucracy and illegality, tranquility of doing the right things.

iGaming Brazil – As a Brazilian woman and businesswoman working in the sports betting field, what do you miss?

Natalia Nogues  – The only thing I do miss is more women in this environment in Brazil, for the rest I don’t miss anything, because I already have everything I want. Being a more masculine medium by tradition, I was afraid, at first, of being disregarded for my word, my knowledge, or my experience, because of my age or my gender. But that never happened, I was always very recognized, respected, I was always treated as an equal, I am really proud of the professionals, clients and partners that surround me, I feel very honored and so well in this environment.

iGaming Brazil – The phrase in the video that says – “We have reformulated all our services”, what does it refer to? What have you changed since this period until now?

Natalia Nogues – I believe that we have reformulated our company as a whole, we kept our Marketing and Development services for companies in general, which had been developed for 22 years, and we created a product focused on companies in the online gaming industry, offering numerous services more than together form a 360 Solution Hub.

Therefore, we had to reformulate the company as a whole, from the creation of new alliances and partnerships to help us with this new product, as well as qualify and train our entire team to work flawlessly with this new niche, invest in new work to offer the best service and creation of new work processes, since offering a range of services is quite a challenge that we were able to assemble, develop and deliver the best to our customers.

iGaming Brazil – What do you think Brazil is missing by not being among the countries with an orderly, functioning regulation, having everything legalized? We are late?

Natalia Nogues – Brazil loses mainly in revenue for the public coffers, jobs and economic movement between individuals and legal entities. Second place in offering safe entertainment for Brazilians who already love this practice of betting, who already love sports, who love to do a little feat and who have a gigantic history of Jogo do Bicho, Bingos and Lotteries. Companies lose out on years of market experience, target audience knowledge, and product tweaks. But I believe that we are accelerating at this point right after the legalization of sports betting, the issue of general liberalization of betting has gained strength and has passed one of its most difficult stages, I am very confident that we are very close to achieving this objective and it will certainly be a Win-Win for everyone.

iGaming Brazil – And about BiS, what can you say?

Natalia Nogues – To me, the BIS was an impressive, wonderful event!! It only brought closer professionals and companies that are really focused on making this game industry take off! It was very interesting to exchange experiences, listen to the lectures and panels, qualified professionals debating matters of great importance to our market, especially about the regulation of gambling in the country.

I had the great opportunity to speak with my partner André Alves and my colleague and friend Vivian Lima, from Zest. We talked about our knowledge about Gaming Operational Intelligence, what to do and how to do it in this environment, for those interested in starting or developing even more in this industry and I loved the interaction and response we had from those who participated, this is very gratifying, I feel that I contribute a little more to the development of Brazil in the gaming area.

And certainly what culminated this event was the awards, where companies and professionals in the sector were recognized for their work and dedication in the gaming sector in the country. I am immensely proud to say that my company Control + F5 won the Innovation and Highlight award and this certainly only came to crown all the work and dedication that my team has been developing throughout this year. We will keep fighting and delivering our best to serve our customers and partners and help them evolve in this market.