Zitro announces partnership with Bingo Gorrión and launches two of its games in Valencia, Spain

Zitro announced that its ‘Wheel of Legends’ and ‘Bashiba Egyptian’ games are now available at Bingo Gorrión Alicante, which becomes the first location in Valencia, Spain to install them.

The Wheel of Legends is located in the Altius Glare cabinet, and the Bashiba Egyptian in the Allure Glare. The latter is a new title set in the realms of ancient pharaohs and has a big multiplier and the company said it is already “becoming a favorite title”.

Sergio Sala, Leisure Area Manager at Alzis, said: “With the installation of Zitro cabinets in our machine area, our customers are excited about the new variety we have brought them. The huge diversity in game mechanics and the new opportunities excited everyone.”

Oscar Nieto, Regional Sales Manager at Zitro, said: “We appreciate the great commitment that this group has once again made with our products, which stand out from the rest of the market. Bingo Gorrión is always one step ahead and we are convinced that this wide deployment will give us great satisfaction”.

About Zitro

Zitro, founded in 2007 by Johnny Ortiz, has always shared its knowledge and ideas with various countries as it gradually expanded around the world. The company started with Video Bingo games and has continued to expand its extraordinary product portfolio.

In 2016, the company started a new chapter with the introduction of its first Video Slot games, using its individual system for BET bingo rooms, managing to further expand its prominence in the online market.

The company’s strong focus on research, development and product innovation has led Zitro to become a world-leading supplier to the gambling industry. The brand conquered some of the most diverse markets and is considered a reference in technology, innovation and profitability around the world.