Betting site 'Esportes da Sorte' closes with Control+F5 Gaming

Control+F5 Gaming closed with another client. ‘Esportes da Sorte’ is a gaming and betting platform with several entertainment alternatives. The sports betting vertical has a lot of variety such as football, basketball, volleyball, MMA, American football, ice hockey, cycling, handball, futsal, rugby and others.

The site even has a page dedicated to live betting, which offers much more emotion and interactivity for the home customer. In addition, Lucky Sports also has various games like casino, virtual sports, live casino, eSports and more.

Growth is a constant objective of the organization, as explained by its Executive Director: “Esportes Da Sorte is a company that values ​​the credibility and tradition that its name carries. We seek to translate into constant growth the identification of customers with our brand”.

“Understanding consumer behavior and mapping their trends, we seek to provide excellent service, focusing on customer service, safety and fulfilling our obligations. We have a bold plan of structured expansion and consolidation, as one of the most prominent brands on the national scene”, he added.

Control+F5 will act as a partner in the growth of Esportes da Sorte

Structuring a solid growth plan in the domestic market, Esportes da Sorte now has the support of Control+F5 Gaming. Regarding his expectations in relation to this partnership, the Commercial Director of Esportes da Sorte commented: “We chose Control+F5 because it is an avant-garde company in this gaming market and has the experience of professionals who are well attuned to the segment’s innovations.

“We believe that this partnership can take us to even higher levels in the immersion of this world of online betting and entertainment, helping us to provide our customers with an increasingly unique and satisfying experience”, he concluded.

It should be noted that Control+F5 Gaming is a pioneer in the Brazilian scenario by offering a service hub for game companies that want to operate in the country’s gaming sector, with all security and success.

Control+F5 Gaming’s services cover areas such as Training of Professionals specialized in games, 360º Marketing, Customer Service, KYC Compliance, Software Development, Market Consulting, Human Resources, Legal Advice, Administration and Accounting.