Exclusive: Casimba's Sven Kaltenegger, 'Brazilian punters are getting closer and closer to European levels'

Belonging to the White Hat Gaming company, the Casimba casino has made a difference since 2017, its year of launch. Therefore, the Casimba platform, of online games and casinos for more than 4 years on the market, is consolidating and gaining users in Brazil and Argentina.

To better explain the entry of the Casimba gaming platform on the market, the differences between Brazilian and European players, and other issues in the sector, the iGaming Brazil portal spoke exclusively with Sven Kaltenegger, the company’s CCO.

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iGaming Brazil – How long has Casimba been around? When was your foundation? How did she start?

Sven Kaltenegger – Casimba has been on the market since 2017, originally starting in the UK market and since then constantly open to various markets, today being a ‘key player’ in the industry.

iGaming Brazil – How is Casimba’s marketing work today, what kind of campaigns have been carried out to attract customers?

Sven Kaltenegger – Historically Marketing was mostly Affiliate and PPC, but since 2022 a cross-marketing effort is being undertaken to broaden the marketing approach throughout. This consists of SEO, Affiliate, Digital Marketing and offline campaigns.

iGaming Brazil – What is different about Casimba?

Sven Kaltenegger – Casimba has a strong name, but it is also accompanied by a fast and secure platform, as well as being supported by fast and reliable payment methods. A very strong in-house CRM and VIP management gives players the best casino experience.

iGaming Brazil – What are the characteristics of the Brazilian player/gambler?

Sven Kaltenegger – Brazilian bettors are maturing more and more, getting closer and closer to European levels. Games need to load fast, payment methods also need to be fast and reliable to provide a good player experience. Lifetime value may not be comparable to European gamblers, but the Brazilian gambling market is definitely maturing in that direction.

iGaming Brazil – How do you see the Latin American market today?

Sven Kaltenegger – The Latin American market is becoming an increasingly important player in the gaming world. Economies are getting stronger and stronger, combined with highly mature populations, which makes Latin America a very interesting market and not to be underestimated.

iGaming Brazil – What expectations do you have in relation to Brazil in terms of regulation?

Sven Kaltenegger – Regulation around the world is ongoing and needs to be closely monitored. Brazil is no exception.

We have now seen a first attempt at sport regulation and we are awaiting more information for general regulation.

iGaming Brazil – What are Casimba’s next plans?

Sven Kaltenegger – Casimba will continue to deliver the best gaming experience possible, closely watching the markets with regards to regulation.