5 reasons why SiGMA Toronto is the gateway to the future of the iGaming industry

In addition to the fact that SiGMA’s network spans generations of passionate and experienced operators, the exhibition brings a number of important benefits to any entrepreneur planning to join SiGMA for the first time. Check out 5 reasons why the event in Toronto is the gateway to the future of the iGaming industry:

5 – The intersection between emerging technology and iGaming

While SiGMA primarily focuses on the iGaming and land-based gambling sectors, the exposure takes place in parallel with the Group’s two other verticals; the AIBC Summit and the Grand Slam Branch.

The first of these is a globally respected hub for technologists, investors, entrepreneurs and innovators within the emerging technology space. This means that the best and brightest minds from Blockchain, NFT, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Crypto will be present in Toronto.

Its recent expansion into the Metaverse has opened up a potential opportunity for operators looking to grow their ventures in ways never seen before.

The Grand Slam branch brings together the leaders and pioneers of the digital marketing space. From SEO gurus to leading conversion optimizers, the convention for influencers and affiliates can power any gambling company looking to make its mark on the international stage.

These three pillars of the SiGMA Group are displayed in parallel, offering entrepreneurs unparalleled opportunities for exposure and cross-pollination with some of the most dynamic and powerful sectors of the modern and future economy.

5 reasons why SiGMA Toronto is the gateway to the future of the iGaming industry
SiGMA Dubai in March 2022

4 – Ontario: The right place, the right time

Given the passage of Bill C-218, which will open the door to an entire industry in the region, holding SiGMA Americas in June will allow it to set the stage for this industry that will promote regulated operations in Ontario.

This means that players from a nascent regulated industry will be front and center of the show, allowing the most ambitious entrepreneurs to invest early in a constantly growing sector.

At the heart of this growing network of innovators, Ontario stands as the pillar that will shape the industry. The province represents approximately 40% of the population and industry market, with around 40 companies already in the process of being licensed for operator status in the Ontario market. This makes now the opportune time for any entrepreneur to put himself at the center of the action.

5 reasons why SiGMA Toronto is the gateway to the future of the iGaming industry
SiGMA Toronto iGathering: Where some of the industry’s leading figures gather to chat

3 – SiGMA Toronto: A place to raise and invest capital

Capital makes the world go round, both for entrepreneurs who want to make their ambitious plans a reality, and for investors who want to be part of the economy of the future.

At the heart of the SiGMA Group as a whole is a deep love and appreciation for startups and investments, giving visionaries the fuel to make their mark on the world while providing the large network of investors with a broad portfolio of potential projects. to strengthen your financial future.

The event is the place to not only meet your business partner, but also participate in various capital investment opportunities. The SiGMA-AGS Pitch allows a hundred startups to compete for a chance to present their idea to a panel of investors with up to $500,000 in equity investment and a host of other benefits being the take-home prize for the lucky winner. .

It will also be possible to find representatives from various venture capital companies such as Ikigai Ventures, specializing in investments in games, eSports, blockchain, fintech and more. In addition, the sheer presence of investors and partners means that SiGMA Americas will be the place to sell your business or acquire your next investor.

2 – Meet the iGaming workforce of the future

Understanding the needs of a nascent industry, SiGMA knows how to find and hire the right people for a company. After all, finding the right people in tough times is next to impossible, particularly in areas like design and development.

Luckily, SiGMA Americas plans to make the impossible possible. While exhibitors will increase their HR presence on the floor, doors will open on the second day of the show for students and individuals seeking employment in the gaming and emerging technology sectors.

The SiGMA Career Fair will give companies large and small the opportunity to recruit the best and brightest in the marketing, compliance, regulatory, AML, KYC and sales sectors to surcharge their own growth. There may be no better time to gain access to the best talent than now.

1 – SiGMA Toronto: Elevating networking to an ‘art’ form

And finally, SiGMA is known for being the place not only to meet the changes and personalities, but also to enjoy the time and acquire even more knowledge and networking.

From iGathering dinners and sunset cruises to group meetings and awards gala, entrepreneurs will have every opportunity in the world to meet operators, marketers, innovators and tech-gurus who can take their ventures to the moon and beyond.