The Kindred Group, which incorporates brands such as 32Red and Unibet, has renewed its investment in Team Talk, a mental health initiative carried out with Rangers FC, the Glasgow football club.

In conjunction with the Rangers Charity Foundation, the project provides men with mental health support and advice.

So far, it has helped countless individuals across the Scottish city, and with Kindred’s renewed support, it will continue to do so. Kindred will also stop sponsoring the Europa League semi-final game against RB Leipzig.

Instead of the regular 32Red logo, club players will have the Team Talk emblem. If Rangers beat Leipzig when they face each other later today, the special Team Talk-branded shirts will be worn again for the final in May.

Connal Cochrane, director of the Rangers Foundation, commented: “We know that talking can save lives and now we can extend the program for another year, building on the success it had last year.”

“This will allow existing and new participants to be a part of our weekly program which has already had tangible benefits for mental health and well-being and allowed the group to begin forming connections with each other as well as being supported by our staff in a safe space”.

Alongside Rangers, Kindred also sponsors Middlesbrough and Derby County, investing in Team Talk projects at both clubs.

“The investment we are announcing today means that the Rangers Charity Foundation can continue the fantastic progress it has made during the first year of the project,” said Neil Banbury, UK General Manager of Kindred Group.

“Using the unique relationship supporters have with their local club, we hope to reach hundreds more men with expanded mental health support services who would otherwise be suffering in silence,” added Cochrane.