The ICE London 2022 Consumer Protection Zone – which focuses on promoting and supporting responsible gaming measures – consists of a charitable collection that will allocate funds to one or more charities attending the event. The £10,000 donation from the Ambassadeurs Group brings the total raised to £46,000.

Participants will also be able to attend responsible presentations and lectures on gambling in the Consumer Protection Zone on April 12th. The Ambassadeurs Group also announced that it will allocate 1% of its gross gaming income (GGY) to research, education and treatment.

“We fully support the promotion of ICE London’s Consumer Protection Zone and are especially pleased to see this important feature recognized as an integral part of the gaming industry,” said Tracy Damestani, Director of Corporate Affairs at Ambassadeurs Group.

“We applaud Clarion and our peers who embrace the Zone and, importantly, those who work alongside safer game providers.”

“It’s more than just a showcase for safer gaming; it’s an opportunity for industry professionals to network and learn from others and, in the process, contribute to the creation of a safe and sustainable industry,” added Damestani .

ICE London shares and the importance of safe play

ICE London 2022 also features a number of other responsible gaming exhibitions, including a Responsible Gaming Masterclass taking place as part of ICE VOX.

“Les Ambassadeurs have demonstrated fantastic leadership in committing 1% of their GGY to research education and treatment,” said Ewa Bakun, Director of Industry Insight and Engagement at Clarion Gaming.

“The Ambassadeurs Group’s generous support of the Consumer Protection Zone is further proof of how safer gaming is built into its DNA and the importance it places on achieving the highest standards of safer gaming.”

“We are extremely grateful for your tireless support of the safer game philosophy,” concluded Bakun.