The Paraguayan Senate can define today the project that will establish a new regulation on slot machines. After some modifications, the proposal, which seeks to improve measures to protect minors, would have reached the necessary consensus to move forward.

Lawmaker Hugo Richter explained that the bill addresses different issues, but said it primarily aims to protect minors.

The legislation, which prohibits the use of machines outside gaming halls, received a positive vote from the majority of the members of the Chamber of Deputies, but, as it had modifications, it had to be returned to the Senate.

“What the Chamber of Deputies is doing are essential changes. It is likely that it will be approved in the Senate to accelerate the process, and pass directly to the Executive for its enactment”, quoted Richter.

According to Senator Stephan Rasmussen, “the spirit of the bill is that there should not be slot machines everywhere, and access for children, teenagers and young people, which there should not be.”

If the bill is successful, it will clearly stipulate that each municipality will be responsible for authorizing the operation of the machines. This goes against Conajzar’s decision to delegate its powers to the company iCrop to authorize the machines in any store in the country, in contrast to the measure that stipulates that it is the power of the municipalities.

Thus, it generated a great controversy that has been going on for several months and even led to the head of Conajzar, José Ortíz Báez, being accused in the case of breach of trust in the investigation of irregularities in the concession of betting games and in the legalization of hunting machines. nickels.

New law may release around 6,000 slot machines in Brazil

The bill that deals with the legalization of casinos and all types of gambling in Brazil is currently pending in the Federal Senate.

In states, legalization will make it possible to open a casino integrated with a resort and two smaller casinos. In addition to the legalization of at least 6,000 slot machines that now work clandestinely, according to a source in the area.

The text under debate is a substitute for project 442/91. It was presented by Deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE) on behalf of the working group that analyzed the topic. The discussion, according to Agência Câmara de Notícias, will remain open after the recess, for the presentation of amendments, highlights and re-discussion.